April 27th, 2002


The water in our toilet, I have just discovered, comes out hot.

You flush it, and the cistern fills up with *hot* water from the boiler!

I mean.... words escape me.. WHY!? I mean... WHY?! what is the possible benefit of this. Half the time the water has been sitting in the cistern for ages such that it cools of anyway so any hidden benefit is nullified.

I only noticed today when I was wiping after taking a... after using the facility in question and a definate heat was eminating from the bowl. The radiator wasn't on, so I thought to myself "Do I have radioactive poo or something?" But then it clicked. Its filling up with hot water



I flushed and noticed the cistern was filling up distinctly warm

and the worse part is... we have a big gas bill every quarter and now I know why!!!!

Words escape me they just do... I've lived here since september, one of my housemates since last July and only now have I realised!.... Its... BIZZARE

I suppose it explains one thing

I went to the toilet once and.

well you know when Bulls.... you know... well it sometimes steams?

Well that happened to me once and I was like - "WAY TO GO!" - I've laid a steamer! I was really proud

but now...

I've got to put it down to a plumbing fault :((

Its... I cant understand it... argu!H!!!
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