April 8th, 2002

Dream Diary - Skinning up - Roaches - Bottles of Guiness - Light Switches - Calenders.

Its that time of day again folks, when I let loose my review of my subconcious's nightly entertainment lineup

Quite a mixture last night.

First of all I'm in this weird living room. It is like my nan's living room but at the same time doesn't look *quite* like it. Aswell as being nan's living room it is also the common room at uni. I have this a lot in dreams. I'm in a place that doesn't necessarlly look like somewhere but it is that place and at the same time it is another place.. all very strange

Anyway, so theres a few miscalaneous people I know in the room and some of us are sitting on this table in the corner by the window - (it has a white, table cloth, lace doilee things and stuff on it) and I'm skinning up. Two of my mates from uni (guys off my course, not ones I live with) are also sitting there doing the same For some bizzare reason I have this huge fuckoff bag of weed, must be at least an Oz. I'm making this big spliff and then I need some tobacco to put with it, so I ask Adrian if I can have one of his fags lying on the table and instead he gives me a massive fully made spliff, undoes it and tells me to take it out of that. (yes this is a dream, doesn't make sense) - so I'm fiddling around with tobacco trying to put it in then I ask somebody to roach for me because I'm shit at that then somebody says that security are coming in (we had security when we were in halls.)

Anyway I get panicy searching for somewhere in the room to hide my weed and keep going all around my nan's living room not knowing where to put it. I eventually settle for some vasey earn thing thing in the cabinet. I try to put it in but the bag's so big I can't get it all in and its coming out of the top and I can't get the lid down

Then this part of the dream ends and all of a sudden I'm in the same house but its my nan's house again and me and my mum are staying there for a weekend and my nan gives me a bag that has about seven bottles of Guinness in for a present. Thats very strange. That part of the dream ends as I pour one into a glass.

Okay so then I have another two short dream.

One is in my house in manchester, theres this weird light switch just by the skirting board next to Nuala's room which doesn't seem to do anything. Anyway like the other nights dream there are waterpipes leaking except in this dream the house doesn't look totally different. The water is gushing out of the light switch but the strange thing is somebody from the Landlady has gone and changed the light switch and put a new one in but the force of the water leaking out has made it break in half. Nuala sticks her finger in and I tell her not to as she might be electricuted but she isn't and then the dream ends

Finally I'm downstairs sorting out the bills. We keep all our bills and stuff on a clipboard in the kitchen but the clipboard is overweighted. There is an entire Newspaper (The Mirror) on the clipboard, a calender, several bills and loads of other stuff and I'm sorting it out. I then go into Richards room and find he's had the flourecent tube taken out and replaced with a normal light and instead of having a normal perl lightbulb he's got a clear one put in. *AND* he stole my 150 watt bulb and put it in his wardrobe. I steal the 150 watt bulb back and go downstairs.
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