April 7th, 2002


Okay, this one's very odd

I'm in Sainsburies but I go there to get a job, but my first task is not to do any work but to do my own weekly shopping and the blond bird off the US sitcom, "Scrubs" is behind the deli counter chatting me up!

Anyway I go around getting my shopping but I can't find what I want. I end up coming back to the deli counter which only appears to have bacon on offer so I say I want four rashers and everybody looks as me as if I offended them then they're all like "well I'd expect you'd go for twelve, most people at *least* have six" but she was still flirting with me and I was flirting back when she offered be some tins of Carbonara Pasta Sauce which came to eight pound for a box. I said I didn't have that sort of money but some older lady was like "oh, its best to invest dear, get a bargain" but I refused then I went to get some cold cooked ham and whatnot but they didn't have anything like that on the deli, there was just an uncooked meat counter so I got some uncooked salami stuff and some sausages. I then went around to do the rest of my shopping including buying some double cream and eggs and got lost in a weird section (that doesn't really exist) that sold household utensials like mops and vases and was between frozen food and biscuits

Anyway, By the time I am finished its the end of hte day and I still hadn't got anything I wanted. Anyway I leave my first day at this new job but instead of going home I go around the back of sainsburies and up this tower where all the Rockers from my old high school are and they tip all my shopping down the stairs but they were just joking and we have dinner in this weird tower and thats the end of it.

* * *

Next dream is about a group of indians. Very fussy this one but I'm either in India or in the field of my old primary school and this guy is trying to talk about how to get the hindu religion more recognised in England. Oh and I think ths was in the 1800s or turn of the century or something and he had to tell the queen mother. His ideas. Anyway we were in a big field somewhere and he was a really intelegant guy teaching eveybody the ideas but he was teaching this other guy who was meant to do the work because he was too shy to do it himself. Actually perhaps one of them was gandi.

Anyway just before the talk, everybodys feet had to be clean and purified and this is the bit that stands out the most because I'm say on a swivel chair in this field wearing trousers and a blue shirt (I don't own any blue shirts!) and this guy comes with a hose to clean my white trainers (I don't own white trainers either!) but I got all splashed.

And then he's like - yeah thats the best place to sit, "Osama Bin Laden sat there when he came to our talk, innit."

Which totally confused me because Osama Bin Laden's muslim!

Anyway the guy sparks on to the guy thats going to go to London and speak with the Queen Mother lots of things about how the two religions are similar - "We have many sub faiths juts like the Christians do"

Anyway, The next thing we're on a train then a coach, a horse and carriage somewhere in London. Its dark outside and all we can see outside the horse and carriage are old houses like in some victorian costume drama. And this indian guy thats's not doing the speaking but clearly the most intelegant one is telling me and the friend that's gonna speak with the Queen Mum lots of possible answers to possible questions she might ask including the affor mentioned many subfaiths and that they really need true recognition as a faith by her and stuff.

And then I wake up.
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