February 21st, 2002

Dream Diary

Weird dream last night but it was about being affraid to fly. which was odd. Lining up to go on an aeroplane... very freaky it was.never actually got to be on the plane, just speaking with these strange customs people and putting all my stuff through an xray machine.

Also very roughly based on a very shite film I saw on dvd the other night called "Brothers" or something to that effect.

Nuala and her gay friend went to get dvds so we told them not to get a chick flick so trying to be nice he got what he thought was about a group of blokes boozing it up on holiday and was really about a bunch of protentious wankers who were worryingly too touchy-feely for normal blokes and the film had no storyline whatsoever.

So don't watch it.
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