February 14th, 2002

Apparently I pulled last night

yeah like I wasnt really gonna post for a while but Nick persuaded me to post this one.

Yeah, like went out last night. been drinking all day cos like me and Huw met to go to this carreers things for summer placements/work experience which I'm gonna apply to a lot of companies to try and get a propper job over the summer, so like cool. Need to get my arse in gear soon though cos most placements end soon!

Anyway yeah went shopping then went for a few speant waay to much money then went to the AU social (athletics union clubnight thing happens every wednesday night) and got absolutely wasted. with Adrian and others on my course. And from what I remember I snogged some bird. Can't really remember what happened but she seemed nice from what I rememeber. Was walking around the place aages looking for her friend but I didnt get her number I don't think.. Hmm I just had a thought actually.. would I have actually rung it if I did? hmmmm. Yeah and anyway then I went back to adrians house and smoked a few joints and got pretty fucked then went home. at like 4am and for some reason a traffic cone has arrived back at the house.. vaguely remember picking it up. cool

so like yeah. had a good day, well boozy thoughh.. need to stop drinking so much

Oh by the way we've decided not to live with richard and me huw and nuala are definatly getting a house but thats another matter and cant be arsed writing about that in detail now.. still hungoever a bit been sleeeping all day. weirdness. Anyway laterz!
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