February 11th, 2002

340 undecillion

I can't get to sleep

I was so bored that I actually worked out that IPv6 will provide the world with 340 undecillion ip addresses.

But its amazing though. 340 undecillion. The fact I had to look up the word undecillion to find that out is rather sad though. Although perhaps the fact the word undecillion even exists is rather worrying...

Oh, and before anybody goes and gets picky, yes according to the brittish version of number naming (the one that says a French (and US) trillion is a British billion and a French (US) billion is a British milliard then there will be 340 sextillion but I doubt anybody needs worry about that.

My Last Post.

I have decided that there LJ isn't really for me and will stop posting on a regular basis. I might keep a few updates now and again, so don't remove me from your friends lists that quickly!

For the time being, I shall continue to use LJ for the origional purpose I had in mind when subscribing - keeping a dream diary.

I will continue to read people's entries when I can and perhaps post a few comments, but for the time being at least, I'll not post any more comments

Thank you for your time in reading mine over the last two months or so.