February 9th, 2002

What I did today

Me and Huw went shopping in town cos like I had to send my birthday poster to my sister in ozzyland which I did (airmail's a LOT cheaper than I expected!) and like he wanted to get a valentines present for his mrs but like that didnt fucking happen so we just had a few beers. Was gonna go out tonight but like couldnt be arsed for some reason. Rich was at revolutions with some bird friend of his but like I wasnt in the mood, so stayed in and watched scrubbs. Nice meal though I had in the font, beer's pretty cheap there too.

Damn, there are no cans in the fridge :( Ahh well I'll have a nice cup of tea instead.

Had some dreams, will comment in a mo if I CBA.

Oh, soirted paperwork for tax claim forms. will send that off on Monday. Should get 134.14.-- yey me!

Nuala's at work, was gonna meet her there for some 'cheap' beers but we didnt wanna hang around town for aages until she got back from Bolton

fuck knows where alison is, she seems to have vanished off the face of the earth. Perhaps vengaboys went to her head. Oh yeah, she's at work actually... hmm
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    Ocean Colour Scene - Get Away

Recommended DVD buy of the month

Button moon - contains ten episodes of the cult fiction, now officially my favourite sci fi, We see the very first episode with the debut of Mr Spoon and many other interesting going onses - I got it for 8.99 with NUS discount at HMV cos I can never be arsed going to the effort of buying stuff online.
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    Ocean Colour Scene - Get Away