February 4th, 2002

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missed my first two lectures. Hmmm Hungry, might get a pasty on the way to uni... or should I get a sausage roll. Why, oh why does life have to preesnt me with such dilemmas? Hmmm, get to see my new lab group for software eng. today.. should be... "interesting".. I hope they're not all geeky wankers. Actually I hope they are as that will mean I have to do minimal work... hmmmm

What else... Yeah, I think I'll do the cooking today. Go to sainsburies, havent been to sainsburies in aaaages. More to the point havent cooked in ages, must be my turn.. (or did I cook last week?)

Hmmm.... yeah. weird dream last night too, cant be arsed posting about it yet though.

ahh well, I get a nice casual walk into uni, no rush... plenty of time, aah I like nice grey mornings, something somber yet exciting about them. Perhaps I'll get caught in the rain, waycool!
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I went into uni today and by my own stupidity the lab I went in for started on monday the 4th of March not monday the forth of february! Bloody 28 day months, what do they think they are? I want my moneys worth a full fat 31 day month not some poxy anarexic "ooh, we're only 28 days, we evenly fit 7 weeks in" kinda month that causes things like this to happen! *mumbles*

But its a good thing as it means, contrary to my previous beleifs, I have no labs for another four weeks in this particular subject - yey!
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