February 3rd, 2002


Not really pissed

went to a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly nice meal at a reastaurant, fucking gorgeous had a few glasses of wine, went to a nice club underneath the printworks but really expensive and massive queues in bar so didnt relaly get pissed. odd place not sure whether the clientelle were nice or pretentious wanters or not. Then went.. where did we go, were gonna go to some house party but ended up going for curry instead and that was nice, just got back like 40 minutes ago. not that pissed though which is annoying since I speant fucking 55 quid!

annnyway enjoyed myself and ate well :-) I need sleep!

annoyed though as deirdre stayed at the house party and I didnt... damn silly me, I shoulda stayed :((((((
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I *HATE* CDs that have loads and loads of space at the end of a track or something then a little bit extra after like 30 minutes of blank!

So annoying
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