February 1st, 2002

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My report about life

ok i am drunk excuse any mistakealities about this



well I always liked rock music

like i liked the sound of it

and it is good

but 2nite i realised how much i rely on dtrum and base

we went to this club right

it was called satans hollow

a bit of a goth place

all you can drink for a tenner

alright, that is!!!!

anyway it was rock/indie versus drum and base

and like i like rock music but i cant dance ot it

and i enjjpoyed it when the drum and base went on

which means i like drum and base more than i thinjk



i have always liked rock music

but beacuse of my mate's tastes i've be never really been to a place where they play it like clubs and all that

i've only ever been to clubs that play dance, drum and base etc

and like

well i enjoyed it more.

i dance better to d&b than rock

i suppose that is afundamental change to my music scene

but i am drujnk

and that is ALL I GTOT TO SAY

the end

good night boys and girls

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Good night last night though. Really enjoyed myself. ended up being really worried about mortallity though. didnt go into uni today. BIG suprise. gonna tidy my room and do a bit of shopping I think.
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What is wrong with fosters

I'm suprised that people don't like what me and my mates concider one of our favourite beers, well at least mine!

I have noticed a trend though. Those that like fosters also tend to be fans of carling, carlsburg and heineken whilst those that dislike them but who are still lager drinkers tend to prefer kronenburg, stella and grolsh.

wonder why.
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yeah Richard, the guy who lives with us, like, he went home last friday and he's still not back! We've tried contacting him, but like, no reply. Its odd. Hmmm perhaps he's pulled and not told us. Odd.

Still If I'd pull I'd be around telling everybody. Hmmmmmmm. Ahh well. Perhaps he'll be back tommorrow.
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Dream Diary Post

Short one today, can't remember again... Which is a shame because post hangover dreams are usually quite good.

Anyway the only bit I remember was the guys next door to us (who we keep meaning to all go out with for a drink) who are also students came around once and told us that behind out house (for some reason they keep entering their house from the backdoor where theres a street and we keep hearing them) there is a little country lane that leads to sainsburies where behind that is another country lane with an alternative cinema that shows that classy french sort of stuff critics call porn.

which is weird because we live in inner city manchester and its very inner city-y and there isnt a cinema behind sainsburies

there is a sainsburies though. But not behind our house.

The end
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