January 31st, 2002

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I've been naughty. I didn't go to my 10 o' clock 204 lecture on operating systems and shit..... ahh well. I did go to my psychology lecture mind, very interesting, he was talking about sex, in animals and humans and stuff

Apparently all men want to sleep with as many women as possible and don't really care THAT much whether they are fit/attractive/intelegant/ etc, as long as we get it.

Women always want the perfect male, the most attractive/fittest/most virrile/strongest man possible to fertalise their ovums. and apparently this is true of most species!

It works out pretty shit for blokes though because it means all women can get sex whenether they want becuase there'll always be a man who'll give her one but because men have so much competition and women such high standards, men could never get it if they're not fit enough!!

how shit is that?!

Anyway, very interesting lesson

Just gonna chill for the rest of the evening now, its coooold outside.
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