January 27th, 2002

Dream Diary Post

Strange dream. in this place, not sure where, a very broad mixture of many people, uni, a mailing list i subscribe to, sort of a weird department store and as I climbed up the stairs the stairs fell down and I had to hang on to the banisters hanging from the ceiling but they were made from glass and hte glass toubled down on me and i was on the floor above stuck in this tube of glass and some nurses had to smash it off but I didnt get hurt some guy below who the stairs fell on did though!

There were two fat lesbians in it, talking about the television presentation agency, Lambie-Nairn and how was it pronounced as they were tying up some boat thing to a lock - oh we were up north, and also by the river Thames.

I was breifly at my nans house and some random person off IRC, could have been that Ryan bloke from #starbug or the man that comes to fix the boiler was digging my nan a pond.

Then I was at the set for a show that had just completed dismantaling the set and clearing the room.

Then I went home to our house back in London and my parents had been having a party. Lots of people left but lots of their friends were still there. They were watching a video.

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(no subject)

Got out of bed late :(

Gotta go in to uni at 11 tommorrow. :( first day of lectures

Gotta sort out my lost key. Will ring Baa Bar later to see if its been handed in there if not find somebody who's about tommorrow lunchtime, and get a key cut from their set.

Hmmm. Annoying that is... I need to buy a keyring too if thats the case :(


How geigh.

Must speak to problemmo about meeting up at some juncture too, since i'll probably be heading south in the next couple of weeks, hmm should probably speak to nick too, see if he's interested like.

What else...

The kitchens still a fucking mess. Ahh well, Rich is back tommorrow he can clean it, he seems to enjoy it! And show he should, git that has FOUR LECTURES A WEEK


hmm how many lectures have I got I wonder, fifteen last semester probably the same... not too bad, was twenty last year.


Wonder if anything's good on telly tonight... I might get a few cans of beer in to help me nod off to sleep earlier tonight, must remember to do that before the shop shuts at ten.
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