January 26th, 2002

Dream Diary Post

Well freaky dream last night. I dreamt I was on irc and this person (a regular) asked to see naked pictures of me and I sent them but they were too dark to see but she lightened em up. dunno what thats sposed to mean.
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Why is there no emoticon thingy for hung over on livejournal?

Anyway I had a good night last night, well wasted though. Started up going for a meal in a place that sells lots of cocktails to clebrate our exams and whatnot then went to a place called baa bar and just got pretty drunkk there, then went for a curry in rusholme but never ask the bloke what the nicest thing on the menu is if you prefer mild/medium to hot!

Strange place really. Also annoying because one of my friends had a really revealing bra on and it kept being distracting all night!!

But yeah, good night.. I don't think my guts any the better for it... arrgh. I lost my door keys though! Howcome I managed not to loose ANYTHING else but lost my doorkeys thats just... bizzare. Don't even want to THINK how much money I speant though. took thirty out to begin with then twenty later on in the night and used switch once or twice too... argh expensive night!

Ahh well plenty of time to recover.. need somtehing nice to eat though


Annoying about those keys though
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