January 20th, 2002

Ghost seduction (fit female ghosts) and weird pubs (again!)

Okay strange one last night I was in a pub again with another mate who I haven't seen for well over a year (mate from school) who I keep meaning to ring

Well he's not really a mate, he used to be until he started becoming an arrogant little tosspot and none of my other mates liked him I just hung around with him because he was in all my classes and I could copy work off of him. But anyway I was again in a pub with him, in the same area of Goodmayes I was in when I had the dream with Matt Fenn in and again my parents were in the same pub! I couldn't sweat or talk about anything incase they heard so it was like I had NOTHING to say to this guy!

It was well embarrassing. Whats this whole pub/friend/parent reoccurring dream thing about!?!?

It was another fictional pub in a realistic place too. very odd

And here's the strange bit, just as I was off to sleep some ghost of an (attractive) woman was trying to seduce me. It was like all mysterious and floating above me


She was a nice ghost mind, so I'll allow it!

But still!
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Revising for Networking Exam tommorrow. :(


And I'm addicted to Sims.

I've decided I like ATM (the protocol) I think it is the future of internet provision and television provision and telephone provision in the future. its pretty funky stuff. I didn't like it at first but its grown on me. cool it is. Nobody seems to know what it is though!?
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