January 19th, 2002

Dream Post

Okay a weird one, lots of people hanging about all the time, family (particular family form Canada) and general other random people.

It is one single dream really but very patchy and random. One bit I remember walking down a street. I remember this quite clearly because this really nice bird was there. There was something vaguely weird about her but she looked really attractive, although I don't remember what her arse looked like. She was a friend of a girl I was hopelessly trying to pursue over christmas who was also there but for some reaosn I wasnt trying it on with her I was trying it on with this unknown girl and she started coming on to me! This big group of us INCLUDING MY PARENTS were walking down some street somewhere (could be in Canada) and she started trying to snog me, but my mum was right behind me! I was like cuddly a bit for a while but then I was like "ew no! Later!!!!" but she run off and I had to talk it over with the susan who for some reason was a confidon and she ran off to look for her.

Then I was at home and my Cat had sores all over his body and didn't look well. That was nice. Then I was flying over New York in a documentary from the 70s. It was weird because it didnt hvae lots of skyscrapers, just one big skyscraper that covered the whole floor and above it you couldnt see the ground just lots of roofs. But I then saw the world trade centre and there was only one of them and I was like "thats odd" but it was the 70s and they were still being built and that was what the documentary was about. I have no idea what Newyork looks like not having been there but I remember seeing one building and thinking "thats that famous building" and then I was on the streets awalking about, ended up in some underground appartment and met some oldish lady who I recognised but I couldnt put my finger on it but she told me she was hillary clinton's adviser for her political campaign or something and that sounded cool and she was telling me all about it and thats all I can remember the end
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tv is fucked up.

Theres this strange cartoon about rabbits on BBC2 and they're like talking and runing around trying to find female rabbits to knob and they can't find any so they drop some acid and go all hallucionagenic and see multicouloured rabbits jumping about to the sound of brighteye.

How fucked up is that?
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I'm getting old

I've left my traffic cone stealing stage. Last night I'd had a few and was a bit boozy and was about to steal a traffic cone and traffic sign on our way home, as you do.

But like they were heavy and I couldn't be fucked and I was lagging behind everybody so I was like "fuckit" and went to buy a chicken burger instead.

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Do I look like this?

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Do I look like this?

<center><img src="http://www.ducksex.freeserve.co.uk/me2.jpeg" alt=does this look like me?"">

<flash><blink>netscape is shit
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