January 16th, 2002

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I'm getting a cold

fucking brilliant, that is. Just what I need to sort my sleep pattern fuckup!

ahh well, at least the kitchen isn't a mess for once and I've actually got up at a reasonable time. heh odd that.

well I better be off now.

Must remember to ring home tonight, I'm sure my mum's wondering why I havent been in contact yet!

I hate not getting around to ringing people yet I hate the effort of ringing people. I dunno, where's it all gonna end :)
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Youknow you'd think being back at uni you'd be out more than back at home and not sat in watching tv

but tonight we all sat in and watched fucking overkill on american tv, three stargatee SG1s, two simpsons, two sex and the cities and Neighbours... TOO MUCH TV!!!!
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