January 15th, 2002

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I watched 'Blimey!' Tonight again on BBC Knowledge - fucking blinding documentary about spoken english and slang and how different people talk, but I thought I'd post about it mainly because it has made me realise what the fuck the phrase "Post Modernism" means.

Most people think its some mumbo jumbo media driven new labour social commentator, annalysis collumn, G2/Observer kind of clich jargon, but its actually really meaningfull!

Basically once upon a time men were men, loud laddish, generally using lots of racist and derogatory terms, and anybody that wasn't normal or a poofter got beaten up.

Women were still shackled on one foot with their pre-femanist-movement roles were enslaved to men. Femanism was slowly taking off but in the world of love it was still the men that had to approach the women and women had to put up with it.

Then came the 80s/early 90s and the modern era. Women were femanists, looking up at their idles who were fat lesbians preaching docterines hot off the press from germain greer's world domination centre and men were 'heterosexual poofters' trying to become houshusbands, changing nappies and looking up to their inner femanine persoans and talking about relationships and stuff. That was the "in thing." the margaret thatcher deregulised house-owning yuppie thing to be. And political correctness. You had to be politically correct. You couldn't sit talking to your mates about birds or tarts or "who's that shirtlifter over there" and "have you got any good cunt action off the ceiling inspectors lately?" And cripples and spazzers, It just wasn't PC.

Now we live in an era of post modernism and with it post modernistic irony, a form of comedy that has developped in the latter part of the 90s. Many people, social commentators mainly but also fat cat magazine publishers have noted the return in this concept of 'lads' its now fashionable and cool to sit in the pub again with your mates spouting euphamisms for vaginas and birds and getting laid and getting shit-faced. I do it all the time. And birds, they do it too they have their whole laddette thing going on. Thats okay again, thats whats come back. Thats post modernism, its how the teenages and twenty year olds thesedays the, F*R*I*E*N*D*S generation behave, after this modern man and modern woman era, THAT is post modernism.

And wimmin thesedays, well mainstream ones on the street, and teenagers, perhaps the subgeneration bellow me, are far more.. how can I put it, loud mouthed, confident, heavier drinkers, in your face to men. But underlying it I think there is still the whole modern man modern femanist mentallity lurking about. Hence the term POST modernism. We are putting up a facard of old fashioned male laddishness, euphamisms and slang have been more apparent in modern urban club and rock culture in 20 something britain than ever and taboo un-PCism is rife again and giles are nolonger big fat bra burners, they are dickteasing union-jack bra and thong wearing mod-chicks again? but WHY?? Why has modernism turned into post-modernism??

Simple. For the fuck of it. Who wants to be a big fat lezza bra burner and who wants to be some nambie pambie shirt lifting sensitive to his girlfriend 'new man' or at least, why not take the good bits of both cultures and mix them all together? Be all laddish around your mates but know as soon as you're with the Mrs you're all mister nice and sensitive? Be all homophobic, but have gay friends and insult them to your face in a sarcastic ironic way. Call your female friends slags and slappers, after first having gained the trust and familirarity to do so in a humourous way. And thats where irony comes in, Post modernistic irony.

Comedy in the late 90s had changed. It is far far more ironic. Simpsons, Frasier, Friends, Fast show, Smack the Pony, Jam, the 11 o' clock show, friday night armastice, South Park - Basically you could get away with anything and it was cool to do so. There were no taboos anymore, but if there were no taboos why go back to what some people would say opressed times when blokes had to shivering from their emotions behind lots of laddish code and trying to prove themselves to be heavy drinkers and studs with the ladies? And why hvae birds come back to being, flirts, just a bit more louder and confident? Well the truth is us blokes aren't hidden away from emotions and wimmin certainly aren't tarts! (They can give as good as they can get thesedays, tell me about it.) Its just in a world where everythings possible we're reverting to how we used to be just because its funny. Humour is the last thing blokes have to proove themselves and the last thing women have left to take seriously. If you can make a girl laugh you're sorted, if you can make your mates laugh you've got mates. Thats how things work thesedays. Thats why I can call my mate Jamie a queer shirtlifter to his face and make him laugh (he is gay btw) and thats why I can joke around with girls at work calling them bitchs. Its funny. And humour is all our generation have left thesedays. The famanists saw to undermining Male Pride (ever see the girlie show on Channel Four) and in a way its the same for guys. Which is good. You dont have to be a big muscly fucker to pull anymore! Good news for me anyway.

All the time we are being more and more ironic. Its scary in some ways, and nice to have the blanket of our old laddishness and girliness left. And to be honest I like this post modernistic culture we hvae now. In a werid and twisted, and yes ironic way, its far more enlightened than "new man, new woman/femanist." I'd rather be post modern than modern. This way I can go out with my mates and have a laugh and this way I can meet a fit horny bird who's also funny interlectual and sensitive and be so back to her (I HOPE, no such cunt-action yet, mates!) But seriously we live in a world where we can say anything get away with anything be anything, be sensitive but fit in. Be individual yet be part of the gang part of the group. It rocks. People might say the opposite, that we've gone back an era, that we've devolved, degressed to our old pasts but we are in enlightend times my friends! Make the most of it before modernism comes back and the birds start burning their bras again!

Anyway I'm not a journalist.. even though this is a journal.. huh, thats it I think.

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My exam went ok today but I'm pooing myself about tommororrows - aarrgh! Yeah and I gotta be up early. :-(

But like after that I not got another one till monday so like yey! Time to get boozy methinks!

Hmm, I need to go take a dump
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