January 4th, 2002

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I am now again a member of the unemployed youth of Britain.

Today. I left my job. in quite an anticlimax too. I was told that because it was really quite tommorrow that I was having the night off and when I asked if I could have my last week (next week off) to revise they were like "yeah ok, whatever" and that was it. completely out of the blue my last shift. I still need to say goodbye to loads of people so I'll pop in tommrrow and probably next week to see the christmas eve and newyears eve photographs but other than that.. odd.

Well time to revise now *gulp* ahh well
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Went to get money today from work but simon or peter (bosses) werent fucking htere. what a fucking wasted journey!

And apparently everybody else got undercharged for christmas too. wankers

I stayed and had a drink. God chatting to Rieanne - a friend of Karrens who used to work there, Karren still works there, she's quite nice... anyway rieanne was pretty drunk and bought me a drink and gave me a hug - awwww. but then I went home and watched frasier. which was odd.

I'm gonna do revision later tonight.
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