January 3rd, 2002

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I *WAY* need to sort out my fucked up sleeping pattern

its not even funny anymore.

(points to timestamp)
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I never make new years resolutions but this year, I shall

1: Start making new years resolutions
2: Have sex.
3: Stop saying you're going to start writing a novel and actually do it
3: Get some sex.
4: Stop getting high phone bills
5: Stop not having sex.
6: Start speaking to more strange people at parties instead of getting incredibly drunk and speaking to people you already know, then putting the toilet duck in the freezer
7: Meet a really attractive woman and have sex with her
8: Resync my cycadian rythms (i.e. get back a decent sleep pattern
9: Partake in regular sexual intercourse with (an) attractive female(s)
10: Stop including free overdraught limit in the amount of money I've got left.
11: Knob some bird
12: Stop smoking ciggarettes at parties.
13: Get lucky (in the bedroom department)
14: Stop slagging Rich off behind his back (especially with Jamie) and then feeling bad about it afterwards.
15: Have sex.
16: Get around to meeting Problemo
17: Get laid
18: Start going to lectures
19: get some sex!
20: Stop spending money on sweet foodstuffs.
21: Do some work!
22: Stop having good ideas about writing novels/short stories/whatever and write them down!!!
23: Email Matt.
24: Fuck somebody
25: Go to a Jazz club and drink wine and listen to Jazz.
26: Fucking fuck somebody for fuck's sake!
28: Expand my cullinary experteese away from.. pasta.
29: Tidy my bedroom. And the rest of our house.
30: Chat up some woman. Then have sex with her!
31: Start drinking in cheaper establishments.
32: Get laid!
33: Stop finding silly things to do like writing new years resolutions at 06:34 in the morning!

Can't be thinking of anymore, I'm off to bed.
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