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James' Journal

29th December, 2001. 1:25 am.

Why are so many US sitcoms always so moral? I was just looking forward to sitting down to watch an episode of Cheers and I had to come back upstairs after five minutes because the storyline was so incredibly moral it ruined it for me - arrgh!

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29th December, 2001. 6:19 pm.

I'm well annoyed, I didn't dream anything last night that I could remember and didn't get up untill fucking 5pm! that is not good.

Also I can't decide whether to bother ringing my mate or not, I said ......

OK midway through writing this she rings me, odd. Today's going to be one of those funny days, isn't it?

Pah, I've got an email to write to somebody which i'm not especially looking forward to, revision to do and somebody else to call.. oh and shit work aswell to see if I'm fucking working tommrrow.. I hate ringing people.

Current mood: rushed.

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29th December, 2001. 6:24 pm.

My wages haven't gone into my bank account yet - not happy :(((

Current mood: angry.

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29th December, 2001. 7:03 pm.

I think I'm going to give up attempting long phone conversations with other blokes. We're just not cut out for it are we? Pick up the phone, mutter a few words say "yeah whatever" get through all the politeness and protocol and a few grunts and then hang up - doesn't really work does it? I think I'll reserve ringing other guys simply for arranging where to meet when going out or other simple and short exchanges of information where I can't be arsed to type out a text message or have something important to say

Current mood: calm.

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29th December, 2001. 8:42 pm.

I fancy a cigarette.

I wouldn't mind but I don't smoke and never have done.

Over the last couple of months I've increasingly found that when absolutely drunk out of my head I've started smoking ciggies, totally out of the blue. On one occasion I even bought them myself!

The worse thing is there's a fag machine at work and I'm really worried that if I get really stressed out at work for whatever reason I might be tempted to use it...

Current mood: weird.

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29th December, 2001. 10:54 pm.

Whatever happened to the vengaboys? you don't hear of them anymore.

Current mood: curious.

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