December 28th, 2001

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Hello, this is my first entry into this thingamejig so I'd probably better introduce myself.

My name is James Pittman and I am a student currently living in Chadwell Heath, nr Romford in London working as a barman whilst on holiday from being a Computer Science student at the University of Manchester

I've tried to write diaries before in the past but with little success as I could never be arsed to keep up to date with them so they've not lasted very long, hopefully the public nature of this one will change all that.

This diary will count as my account of every day affairs in my life, it will also count as my dream diary telling people of what I dream every day. I'll post last night's dream diary later on tonight to get your juices flowing.

Anyway.. can't think of anything else to say right now, but I'll no doubt be posting several other submissions later on tonight

Bye for now.

PS Don't worry if you are not currently in my 'friends list' for the time being, at least, I won't be posting anything that is not public.
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Just watched eastenders *nods* - quite a good episode it was.

I'm in a good mood because I don't have to work until sunday *YEY* two days off to do absolutely fuck squat.. how good is that?

Also i should get paid tommorrow. If my calculations are correct I should get 135 for last week and the saturday before.. and next week 335 since I'll be getting my 200 for working xmas day, very good news... that'd mean my first two weeks at work will take me from 975 D to 500 D odd, which is not bad going at all, far exceeding my expectations for the whole month. Of course, I will be taxed so it won't be that good but ahh well, that's just karma isn't it.

Mmmm yes, I am not sure what I'll be doing on these two days off, But I have got to do some revision for my january exams. I have Psychology to do aswell as networking and I havent even BEGUN CS2011, CS2051 or CS2341... hmm shit... I might ask for the last week off at work actually - i.e. finish working after new years week when the roters finish, that'll give me a week of revision *hmms* - Ahh well, I'll have to grin and bear that I suppose.

Now I am just going to listen to music and chill out actually... for an hour or two before perhaps revising. I've had quite a bad sleep pattern lately, but I put that down to the hours I've been working. Its not something that is concerning me as I know that when I go back to Manchester I'll be back on normal hours...

Ahh well... Oh, and I must email all the peopel I've added to my "friends list" to tell them that I now exist on this funny little american journally thing (yeah, journal? whats that all about, can't they just call it a diary? fuckups...) yeah, I'll do that now. cyas.
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Must reply to my emails more... I've got about seven emails from sep/october from my long time email correspondant Matt Harvey to reply to still.. keep not getting around to it (though he left me four months without replying, I must admit)
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Dream Diary Post

I've modified this post so such that it appears in a seperate window since it is rather long to take up your friends windows. I'll be posting dream posts on a regular basis as indicated by this different picture and I'll continue to do them in this manner so that those who aren't interested can easilly ignore them.

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