James (_jamez_) wrote,


I've been Ill today. Nasty sore throat. and it's meant I've had to take a day off work. Since i'm temping I obviously get no not-feeling-very-well pay :-(

Last night I worked at the student's union. being trained up to be a supervisor like. They made me order people around which was a bit weird having to tell people what to do things. I'm not sure I like it *that* much but perhaps I can get used to it if I dont sound too bossy.

I have now officially got a 15 hour a week contract at the SU which means in the short term I'll have to stay temping. in the long term perhaps I'll get a day job or maybe go full time at the SU after Christmas.

Shortly, I'll begin applying for Graduate Placements for 2004, too

Money is finally balancing out, but I'm not happy about loosing todays pay :-(
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