James (_jamez_) wrote,

Am I the only person that thinks Dysons are pretentious?

[5.16 pm] pfft. Dyson better!
[5.17 pm] All the cool people have a Dyson.
[5.17 pm] <_jamez_> All the pretencious people have a Dyson :P
[5.17 pm] <_jamez_> ooh, look at me, i've got a dyson, rah rah rah, it's all pretty coloured and doesnt need a bag, im now going to iron my dimond cufflinks and get my chauffer to drive me to Waitrose
[5.18 pm] <_jamez_> Do you really want that to happen to you nick?
[5.18 pm] <_jamez_> Its a slippery slope
[5.19 pm] <_jamez_> you'll end up going to Trendy Wine Bars and playing Badmington every wednesday with somebody called Gerald
[5.19 pm] * GrooLover giggles
[5.19 pm] I used to play badminton when I was younger :P
[5.20 pm] Nick: did you follow the link?
[5.20 pm] I like badminton...
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