James (_jamez_) wrote,


Several people wondered what I'm going to do with the site:

Well it's just going to be my personal demain - long term like. Something that will last for years

The site itself will be homepage, CV, stuff about me, perhaps an LJ feed, any web site that I wanna write about anything that doesnt warrent its own domain name, just general me stuff. Stuff I can show employees, friends, family and the like. So the name has to reflect me in every aspect, professional, educational, family, personal, social, everything.

Also the domain will form my permanant email address. I want an email address that will last a very long time. This is just as importannt as the website.

And when I get broadband It'll be used for the address of my computer somehow too and any other servers I might run on it and stuff.

Basically a general purpose long term domain name. - suitable for all eventualities
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