James (_jamez_) wrote,

It's been a bad few days for my computer

The other day I lost all my email for the last year and a half when pine accidentally deleeted everything.

And today, for some unknown reason (well I can only think it is due to running Microsoft Frontpage for the first time ever just to see what it looks like) windows registry fucked up and on a reboot, reinstalled an old registry from when windows was first installed.

The effect was as if I was reinstalling windows - had to reinstall everything.

And bizzarely microsoft internet explorer has fucked up. It is a hybrid between IE5 and IE6 - i.e. it says its IE5 but has all the extra functionality IE6 had over IE5. Also the cipher strenght is 0bit, so I have to reinstall IE6 to rectify that.

MSN Messanger isn't working at all. I think that that is due to the cipher problem as trillian connects to MSN perfectly.

In other news though, PINE have released a new version which has the odd few nicities and I have upgraded mIRC for the first time in four of five years from 5.4 to 6.03. It's a lot better.
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