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Max is odd

Max is being very peculiar lately. He has become exstremely talkative lately, not in a whining way but in a friendly way, but he still constantly goes on asking for food. He has plenty of biscuits but he demands tinned food but when we give it to him (and we only give him the smallest bit because he's very much a 'little and often' kind of cat) he takes one bite then fucks off into the garden for five minutes. And then he's meowing to come back in before you know it. Must be the changes in the seasons.

By the way, whoever mentioned that boiled water would be a good idea to solve the problem of him refusing to drink water out of his bowl was dead on. Now my mum and me have started giving him cold water that's been boiled out of the kettle he laps it up. It must indeed be the smell of Chlorine that put him off.
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