James (_jamez_) wrote,

Just had a very scare experience

Whilst replying to valamelmeo's responce to my test post (which is incidentally a trip down memory lane for umtf and atvrders - http://www.livejournal.com/talkread.bml?journal=_jamez_&itemid=115249&view=131633#t131633) I was trying to find a larger version of one of my userpics. I thought a good way to search my hard drive would be to do a search of "me*.jpg" and sure enough that came up with a lot of results - but none of me, virtually all of various internet people who had sent me pictures of themself back in my old ircing and newsgrouping days

Seeing a big collection of peopl's faces was a very scary experience I can tell you - especially as I didn't know who half of them were!

It included a very large one of problemo first, which I wasn't expecting! :)

I'm always a bit freaked about seeing people from the net's photographs of themselves (tho you get used to lj userpics) - the first time is always the weirdest though... they're never what like you expect.
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