James (_jamez_) wrote,

alt.tv.red-dwarf and #starbug

I can't help but notice the large number of former ATVRD/#sb/#bm members that use livejournal, either on my friends list or on my friendsfriends list.

As such, for a while I've asked myself why isn't there a community for this group of people.

I've discussed it with at least one person and some people think its not that good an idea and that the whole thing has moved on.

It's not that serious a proposal, but now I have an lj paid account it is something I'd consider being a serious proposal if I thought there was interest.

Which is why I wish to conduct a poll. This is aimed at former atvrd/#sb members but non members can also fill in the poll if they want to.

Not all of the collective are on my friends list, so it'd be nice if one or two of you could spread the word about this poll for others to see? It'd be appreciated.

Anyway here goes. This is not a serious proposal, just a little bit of research to see if there's interest or not.

Poll #95760 Ex Dwarfers Community Poll

Should there be an LJ community for (former) ATVRD/#Starbug members?

Yes there should
No there shouldn't
I'm not sure

Are you an ex ATVRD/SB-er and would you join such a community?

Yes I am and yes I would
Yes I am and no I wouldn't
No I'm not but yes I would
No I'm not and no I wouldn't

PS - comments greatly welcomed.

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