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Entries by tag: boat trip '05!

..Oh Man..

Though I'd love to post all the pictures from tonight right now.. I just don't have the time/patience/motivation/energy to do it. Don't fear though, they'll be up by Thursday. Yes, I do have pictures of hot guy cleaning the boat, yes I do have a picture of G with frosting all over his face, and yes I do have a picture with Galen with a tampon up his nose.

I just want McKenzie and Nicole to know that I still love you, and you probably already know that by the 500000 times I jumped on you tonight, but ;-). Even though you don't like it, you're always welcome to help next year.

Band Boat Trips are the reason my end of the year has been so enjoyable for high school. With the senior pranks, Seth--Play it safe book, Galen--Tampons, Drew--Plunger, and Adams sewn pink collared shirt it just makes it that much better.

YAY STEPH AND GREG GOT DRUM MAJOR. I know them and Kristen will do a great job, how can we not have a kick ass band with such great music?

Summer is in 2 days. Holy shit. SO CLOSE.

I definitely need some quality time with my OM group. Maybe a night of poker and laser tag??

Sorry Conor I couldn't get around to a game of spoons, maybe one night this summer we can get a group of like 50 thousand people to play. hey, it could be fun. heh

Um.. Where else can you get tampon nunchuck fightings, Harry Potter imitating, Watermelon screaming, chair fort building, cake icing fights and teachers pinning you to a ground to make sure you get what you gave to them? Look no farther than the Thomas Leighton filled with Music Department kids. God I love being a band geek.

I love you all..

...like I said, pictures will be up mid-week.

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