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Sucky band rehearsal.

Thanks to all my friends.
Esp. the ones that talk behind my back.

You'd want me to say it to your face..
so next time can you say it to mine?

Because what you said isn't true.. and opposed to you thinking that.. I could actually tell you the truth.

So. maybe you think i'm overreacting, but I keep my secrets too, so you may not know everything.. just come to me and i'll tell the truth.. I hate having to find out things for myself.

Off to work on the load of homework I have for Expository.
Season Premiere of South Park tonight. How pumped am I?
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..and then he ran into my knife.. 10 times..

I'm so tired.
but I had work.
I'm slowly running myself down.
I can feel it.
My informative sucks. but I have no way to make it better.. cause I have NO clue what Ms. Butler wants.

Get me out of this slump.
Thank God I have friends to listen to me.

I hate guys who know a girl so well that they know what to say to deliberately upset them.
He knew what to say to make me angry.
and he said it. Stupid jerk.
The worst part is I know I shouldn't let him get to me.
Cause thats all he wants to do. Go right to my head.
But somehow.. hes still there. Being an complete ass.

Alright happier news.
3 stars @ MBDA 1.
Thats right. Competition 1. we got 3 stars. =)
I know we shouldn't get cocky.. cause it was JUST 3 stars.. but its a start.

Percussion got a 2.5. It was actually better than I thought. I feel like we disappointed everyone with our scores except for us.
The whole band was expecting 4 stars at the first competition.
We were just praying that we didn't get 1 stars.
Difference? I think so. :-P

Time for bed though. I'll update more later.
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..theres a light, in the darkness, of everybodys life..

So here it is.
The first procrastination entry of the year.

This weekend was entirely too short.
I did nothing!
Absolutely nothing!

Well I worked for almost 8 hours today, and yesterday had band.

I'm highly impressed at how far along the band is this year.
3 movements with drill? Come on now! Think of the first competition! Last year we had what? half of the first movement with drill? and only played the first two movements.

Now! BAM! Theres Mars, Venus, the drum solo and Mercury. (the last two combined I guess)
I'm sick of hearing ignorant comments. Believe me, we're trying just as hard as you.. if not harder, so shut your mouth. and next time.. say it louder so everyone can hear you. I'm sure you'd sound REALLY intelligent.

One rant. done.

What the hell is my problem?
Every single sign points to no.. But I still can't stop thinking about him.
The worst part is I KNOW I should give him up.
But I can't.

Please put me out of my misery.
but.. after I finish this journal entry for expository.
My goal is to be in bed before 12:30

Wish me luck =-)
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..a liter of cola?..

So. The last time I updated was the first day of school.
A lot has happened since then.. but in a sense, nothing has either.

First football game. We actually had drill.. granted, it wasn't perfect but it was there. and I didn't fall over or make a completely obvious mistake.

Um. Seths house was interesting.. late night runs on the beach.
Last night was also quite interesting.

Band is consuming my life..
1A is still amazing to have off.
Senior pictures came back.. check out my myspace for my top 2.

Ms Anderson and Mr Modern pulled a group of us out of class to give us the college talk. How freaking stressful is that?

Random thoughts.
-Wow still sucks.
-Face plant into the door.
-Breaking down is awesome.
-I love Super Troopers.
-I shouldn't have to mediate.
-Reactions are hilarious.
-Exaggerations make life interesting.
-Beach time is so soothing after games.
-What do we do when Portsmouth wins?
-I love it when people allow me to vent to them.
-Expo Writing is actually fun so far.

Time for homework. :D
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(no subject)

What to say about it.
My final year and I'm OUT.

The day got harder as it went along. I can tell now the only class I'm going to have problems with will be Expository Writing.

1A off is amazing.

My schedule is
1B- Band (Gagnon)
2- Fund. of Music Theory (Purrington)
3- Conscience and Law (Bruno)
4- Expository Writing (Butler)

Expositorys going to ge a joke.
Oh well.
I'm ready to die now =-)
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(no subject)

1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll challenge you to try something.
3. I'll pick a color that associates with you.
4. I'll tell you something I like about you.
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest/funniest memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something I've always wanted to ask you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on yours....
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(no subject)

Do you want to take the lead? Or would you be more happy following? You need to make up your mind on Monday, but fortunately, your instincts are there to guide you. Toward the middle of the week, you may find yourself daydreaming about the future (with a certain someone, perhaps?). Go ahead and indulge any pie-in-the-sky notions you have. Now is the right time to noodle around (mentally and emotionally) and be open to change. As the week winds down, don't be afraid to indulge yourself -- and the more lavishly, the better. This weekend, your romantic outlook might seem hazy, but a little cleverness should unravel any riddles.

My horoscope for the week.

Anyone who knows my situation should find this as funny as I do.


Off to see Spamalot in NYC today. I'm excited.

Always look on the bright side of life.
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(no subject)

Here I am.

I love it here.
We haven't even done anything yet. but its still amazing.

We made it down here in 5 hours. Pretty damn good time if you ask me.

Tomorrow we're either going to Six Flags Great Adventure, Hurricane Harbor or Seaside Heights.
Any of the three should be quite interesting.

Tuesday we're off to NYC to see Spamalot and eat.

And Wednesday, beach and home.

Text and Call!
I'll have my phone with me.

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..finally something takes me away..

Tonight was amazing.
I don't know why.. but I had so much fun.
Prescott Park.. just talking on the stage..
or even standing in BNG.

LOL spreadable?
"No blankets till after 4"
Freeze tag.
Sketchy old guys.
1 round of Hide and Go Seek.

I feel like the list could go on.
But it was an amazing night.

Rocky kicked ass this year.
I can't wait to go back again.

I don't know what time I enjoyed more with meeting the fire dept.

NJ in 6 days!
Liams home today!

And I am just enjoying life.
I haven't been this happy in awhile.

I love you alll!
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(no subject)


Stupid times everywhere.
Work still sucks.

heres a list of key points.
-crinking receipts.
-phone calls.
-drunken pirates downtown.
-more drunken people downtown.
-Rocky FRIDAY.
-Assassins=good game.
-NYC here I come!
-Another family reunion. God this one will be interesting.
-I need coffee.
-Band Camp is like 2 weeks away.
-I miss hanging out with Laurel :D
-I LOVVEEEE downtown.
-Aug 2nd. Cavaliers!

GAH I cannot believe Rocky is Friday.
SO pumped.
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