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Well it's been awhile since I've wrote in LJ. I'm pretty sure the last time I wrote was last summer. Maybe I'll write more this year, but I can't promise anything.

This school year went by relatively quick. Between the millions of papers I had to write and my incredibly bitchy and messy roommate.. ugh. Well I'm just happy it's summer. I'm back at Market Basket for what I think is my 4th summer, and I hate it more then ever. I think the first person who talked to me when I walked back in the store for the first time set the mood for my summer.
I accidentally cut him in line (AKA. He was NO where near the line) and after I got a drawer I moved over to the side so other people could be helped. The cranky old man came up right behind me and said in a quiet, sarcastic tone "I really appreciate you cutting in front of me. It REALLY made my day." So I kinda apologized, and quietly wished the man to hell.

So much has happened in the past year and I'm not even going to try to document it in here. It would take way too much effort and time.

Last night I went to the ER, I had had really bad stomach pains three nights ago, and was up the entire night in terrible pain. My mom told me that if I had that much pain again, she was taking me to the ER. Well.. three nights later the pain shows up again. Everyone seemed to think it was a gallbladder problem because they run in my family. So after sitting in a ball in the waiting room, and then having a nurse that couldn't find any veins in my arms to put in an IV. They concluded that while no tests showed that I could have a gallbladder problem, most gallbladder problems only show up on ultrasounds. So I need to schedule one of those, and if i'm SUPER lucky.. I'll have to get out my gallbladder this summer. GREAT.

So because of last night, I couldn't make it to a Relay for Life meeting that was this morning and I feel bad, but I know Jenn understands.

Well i'm off. I haven't covered half of the stuff I thought I would in this entry.. but I don't feel like typing anymore.

I have high hopes for the summer, and hopefully it will be a good one! =) I'll try to update more.

Before I go.. I'm just going to do some bullets of highlights over the past year.

-Montreal for Spring Break.
-NYC, Broadway shows (Avenue Q, Rent, Hairspray, Chicago and Wicked)
-All-American Rejects, Gavin DeGraw, Guster, Lupe Fiasco & Sean Kingston concerts
-New Obsession: Dexter
-OMG. boy drama. LOL
-Dana & Amy are my roommates for next year!
-UNH Concert Band = Worst experience of my life. Practically killed music for me.
-Car towed in Everett MA.
-Weddings (both my dads and my Uncle Scotts)
-UNH hockey games.

=) I think thats all.
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