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So I don't even know the last time I posted was.
I know it was awhile ago.. and even since then I feel like so much has changed.
From then i've realized a lot of things..
-stopped caring what people think about me.
-realized that if they're worth it.. they'll come back.
-sometimes you only need one person to help you through a rough day.
-monday coffee nights can save a day
-sunburns suck.. but I enjoy the somewhat color that comes with it.
-apparently temporary hair dye doesn't work on redheads.
-dramas NEVER worth it. EVER.
-when you go to college, you NEED to branch out.
-next year I plan on doing more, making more friends and being who I want to be.
-I need to branch out from Portsmouth.
-sometimes you just gotta bite your tongue.
-you may not do that great in a class, but don't give up.
-being ditched is one of the worst feelings.
-it doesn't take a lot to be mature.
-I need to do more this summer.
-hey kettle, you're black. I hate hypocrites.
-with every item I scan.. Market Basket draws me closer to suicide.
-my life is strewn with creepy men.. (did I use strewn right?)
-I will always be the sister, or the friend. ALWAYS.
-I would die for any of my friends.
-I figured out my 3 biggest fears.
1.) dying alone.
2.) finding out that the people I care most about don't care about me. (like.. i'd be there for them.. but in the end will they be there for me?)
3.) i'll keep that one to myself.

Well. I felt inspired to write this.. I don't know how long it'll be before I do another one.. but here it is. Take it as you want to.
I'm off to shower and bed and put aloe on my sunburn. I unfortunately have to work at 7 tomorrow.
I hate my life.
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