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Its been forever since I updated.
I graduated.
Picked classes for UNH.
and yeah..
Prom kicked ass.
Celebration Graduation was long but fun.
Banquet was completely overrated..
and thank god I made it.

Another summer at the MB lounge=interesting, stupid and (sometimes) stressful times. I convinced Tanner that I could only work Mon 4-Cl. Anytime Wed.. Fri 4-Cl and anytime Sunday.
So basically.. I don't have to deal with Tanner ever.. and I have a pretty decent work schedule for summer.. I'll probably be working a few suicide shifts.. but whatever.

I'm too excited for Harry Potter 7. I've been reading a few Jodi Picoult books, but now its time to get back into rereading the books to lead up to a grand reading of the 7th book. I can only imagine.. I read this community with some pretty awesome things of how the book would end..
Some of the good theories:
"Rocks fall, everyone dies."
Last sentences of the book. "Harry wakes up in his broom cupboard at Number Four Privet Drive realizing the past seven years were all a dream. The only link he had to this wonderful past was his lightning-shaped scar."
"Harry is a horcrux, Snape and Sirius are brothers and Ron is Dumbledore time-traveling.."
"That Tom Riddle's award for services to the school is a horcrux. Seriously people. If he couldn't get Gryffindor's sword, he'd want something at Hogwarts, and he's got ties to that."

My classes for next fall.
Intro to Mass Communications-MWF- 10:10-11:00
Intermediate Spanish-MWF- 11:10-12:00
Intro to Psychology-Tues&Thurs- 11:10-12:30
US & World Affairs-Tues&Thurs- 3:40-5:00.

I'm slowly losing hope in guys.
Actually I've completely lost hope in Portsmouth guys.
Heres to new ones @ UNH!

Hope everyones having an awesome summer.. maybe i'll actually update a bit more =)
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