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I'm SO bad at updating this.
First thing.
No one cares but.

Moving on.
1st Semester ends next week. I survived. I don't know how.
3rd Quarter i'm taking
Band - Gagnon
Independent Study- Cirillo
Spanish 5 - Modern
Comparative World Religions - Hilson.

It shouldn't be bad at all.

Percussion Ensembles in full swing.. I'm learning and trying to retain music like its my job. Its not really that hard to memorize it. I'm just having issues with life I guess. I apologize to the other people in my section for my terribleness right now. I'm trying! lol

Hm. Jess' last night was fun. I love the nights at Jess' I've never laughed so hard before.. Well I have, but you know. The whole atmosphere is always so relaxed and no one cares about anything. I love it and I love my friends.

As of right now I have two applications sent in. UNH and Quinnipiac by the end of the week I hope to have Endicott and Rutgers. It will all depend on the projects & finals I have do to for the end of the semester.

Hm. Thats really all I have to say. Hope everythings going well with everyone else =)
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