Sam (_jadedmemory) wrote,

..I've been waiting for someone like you..

So, its been over a month since i've updated.
Nothings happened. but yet. So much has.

I've applied to UNH, I just now need to send in my essay and proof of residency for it.
I got Marimba 1. I have no freaking idea how I pulled it off. But it was amazing and i'm SO happy I got it. I just hope I don't screw it up.

Market Basket will consume my soul over vacation.

My cars dead. The alternator=DONE. Damn it. I need my car!

I've spent most of my weekend nights and such at Jess' house. Those nights are amazing. They're filled with nothing, but yet they are just what I need.

Expository Writings almost done.. I need to finish my research paper over break. 4 pages left. and a visual. It shouldn't be that bad. I'm showing South Park :P

I don't even know what to type about.
I went to NJ for thanksgiving. That was fun. I love my NJ family.
I might be going to NJ/NYC for New Years Eve. I actually need to figure out if I am because I'll tell Tanner tomorrow if I need them off.

He'll hate me. Oh freaking well.

Well tomorrow. I work 8:30-5.
Visit me.
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