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..How come everytime you come around my london london bridge wanna go down..

So as much as I miss marching band.
I love having free time now.
I love that I can go out Friday nights without having to worry about a football game, and I love that Saturday mornings I can sleep in.

This weekend was amazing. in so many ways.
Some quality time with friends.
-piggyback races.
-Liam killing his knee.
-ALMOST getting kicked out of BNG.
-Umbilical Cord?
-London Bridge.. :P
-Going to Mexico?
-Terrible bands.
-Jump on it.
-Visiting people =)
-Hide and Go Seek.
-Nice tights..? :\
-Clipper band ♥ Clipper football.
-Downtown plymouth.

We (Mckenzie, Britt, Nicole, Jess & I) ventured to Plymouth to see the state championship football game. Liam, Sam and Coffey met us there. The one the band was SUPPOSED to be playing at. I now know why we weren't allowed. We would have showed their band up terribly.
So instead we just made signs that said Clipper band ♥ Clipper football, and died a little inside each time the plymouth band played. Too bad they only played before the game and at half time. They didn't play ONCE during the entire game.
Oh well I had fun cheering, and rooting for our team.
We didn't win, but who cares? I think back to my freshman year, and it doesn't even seem realistic that we made it to the finals.

Afterwards we went to downtown Plymouth for a bit, and then journeyed home. We congregated back at Jess' house where the night filled itself with Twister, Catchphrase, and staring at Channel 22 hoping it would show the Portsmouth band show.

Hours later, it showed us play. And boy, it felt good to watch us play. =)

Work today was.. Market Basket. I don't even know how to describe work anymore. It just happens. Not good, not bad.. just I don't even know. I was on register 9 for almost the entire day. That sucked.

Field trip tomorrow. whoo.

WHOOOOOOO! tennis is on!
Goodnight everyone.
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