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Well it's been awhile since I've wrote in LJ. I'm pretty sure the last time I wrote was last summer. Maybe I'll write more this year, but I can't promise anything.

This school year went by relatively quick. Between the millions of papers I had to write and my incredibly bitchy and messy roommate.. ugh. Well I'm just happy it's summer. I'm back at Market Basket for what I think is my 4th summer, and I hate it more then ever. I think the first person who talked to me when I walked back in the store for the first time set the mood for my summer.
I accidentally cut him in line (AKA. He was NO where near the line) and after I got a drawer I moved over to the side so other people could be helped. The cranky old man came up right behind me and said in a quiet, sarcastic tone "I really appreciate you cutting in front of me. It REALLY made my day." So I kinda apologized, and quietly wished the man to hell.

So much has happened in the past year and I'm not even going to try to document it in here. It would take way too much effort and time.

Last night I went to the ER, I had had really bad stomach pains three nights ago, and was up the entire night in terrible pain. My mom told me that if I had that much pain again, she was taking me to the ER. Well.. three nights later the pain shows up again. Everyone seemed to think it was a gallbladder problem because they run in my family. So after sitting in a ball in the waiting room, and then having a nurse that couldn't find any veins in my arms to put in an IV. They concluded that while no tests showed that I could have a gallbladder problem, most gallbladder problems only show up on ultrasounds. So I need to schedule one of those, and if i'm SUPER lucky.. I'll have to get out my gallbladder this summer. GREAT.

So because of last night, I couldn't make it to a Relay for Life meeting that was this morning and I feel bad, but I know Jenn understands.

Well i'm off. I haven't covered half of the stuff I thought I would in this entry.. but I don't feel like typing anymore.

I have high hopes for the summer, and hopefully it will be a good one! =) I'll try to update more.

Before I go.. I'm just going to do some bullets of highlights over the past year.

-Montreal for Spring Break.
-NYC, Broadway shows (Avenue Q, Rent, Hairspray, Chicago and Wicked)
-All-American Rejects, Gavin DeGraw, Guster, Lupe Fiasco & Sean Kingston concerts
-New Obsession: Dexter
-OMG. boy drama. LOL
-Dana & Amy are my roommates for next year!
-UNH Concert Band = Worst experience of my life. Practically killed music for me.
-Car towed in Everett MA.
-Weddings (both my dads and my Uncle Scotts)
-UNH hockey games.

=) I think thats all.
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So I don't even know the last time I posted was.
I know it was awhile ago.. and even since then I feel like so much has changed.
From then i've realized a lot of things..
-stopped caring what people think about me.
-realized that if they're worth it.. they'll come back.
-sometimes you only need one person to help you through a rough day.
-monday coffee nights can save a day
-sunburns suck.. but I enjoy the somewhat color that comes with it.
-apparently temporary hair dye doesn't work on redheads.
-dramas NEVER worth it. EVER.
-when you go to college, you NEED to branch out.
-next year I plan on doing more, making more friends and being who I want to be.
-I need to branch out from Portsmouth.
-sometimes you just gotta bite your tongue.
-you may not do that great in a class, but don't give up.
-being ditched is one of the worst feelings.
-it doesn't take a lot to be mature.
-I need to do more this summer.
-hey kettle, you're black. I hate hypocrites.
-with every item I scan.. Market Basket draws me closer to suicide.
-my life is strewn with creepy men.. (did I use strewn right?)
-I will always be the sister, or the friend. ALWAYS.
-I would die for any of my friends.
-I figured out my 3 biggest fears.
1.) dying alone.
2.) finding out that the people I care most about don't care about me. (like.. i'd be there for them.. but in the end will they be there for me?)
3.) i'll keep that one to myself.

Well. I felt inspired to write this.. I don't know how long it'll be before I do another one.. but here it is. Take it as you want to.
I'm off to shower and bed and put aloe on my sunburn. I unfortunately have to work at 7 tomorrow.
I hate my life.
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So day one.
What is there to say?

Its going to be interesting.
I love Portsmouth people. and I kinda love how many are going here.

Julian Gallo is in Devine 207. I am in Devine 227.

My dorm is the size of a closet.
Both my roommates are asleep at 12:16 am.

It doesn't feel real.
It really doesn't.
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So I got up at 7.
Started reading at 8.
Finished at 5:15.

Am I happy with it?
Am I depressed now that its over?
Read more.
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I know i'm forgetting i'll probably add later.. I just needed to post something =)
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Its been forever since I updated.
I graduated.
Picked classes for UNH.
and yeah..
Prom kicked ass.
Celebration Graduation was long but fun.
Banquet was completely overrated..
and thank god I made it.

Another summer at the MB lounge=interesting, stupid and (sometimes) stressful times. I convinced Tanner that I could only work Mon 4-Cl. Anytime Wed.. Fri 4-Cl and anytime Sunday.
So basically.. I don't have to deal with Tanner ever.. and I have a pretty decent work schedule for summer.. I'll probably be working a few suicide shifts.. but whatever.

I'm too excited for Harry Potter 7. I've been reading a few Jodi Picoult books, but now its time to get back into rereading the books to lead up to a grand reading of the 7th book. I can only imagine.. I read this community with some pretty awesome things of how the book would end..
Some of the good theories:
"Rocks fall, everyone dies."
Last sentences of the book. "Harry wakes up in his broom cupboard at Number Four Privet Drive realizing the past seven years were all a dream. The only link he had to this wonderful past was his lightning-shaped scar."
"Harry is a horcrux, Snape and Sirius are brothers and Ron is Dumbledore time-traveling.."
"That Tom Riddle's award for services to the school is a horcrux. Seriously people. If he couldn't get Gryffindor's sword, he'd want something at Hogwarts, and he's got ties to that."

My classes for next fall.
Intro to Mass Communications-MWF- 10:10-11:00
Intermediate Spanish-MWF- 11:10-12:00
Intro to Psychology-Tues&Thurs- 11:10-12:30
US & World Affairs-Tues&Thurs- 3:40-5:00.

I'm slowly losing hope in guys.
Actually I've completely lost hope in Portsmouth guys.
Heres to new ones @ UNH!

Hope everyones having an awesome summer.. maybe i'll actually update a bit more =)
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I'm SO bad at updating this.
First thing.
No one cares but.

Moving on.
1st Semester ends next week. I survived. I don't know how.
3rd Quarter i'm taking
Band - Gagnon
Independent Study- Cirillo
Spanish 5 - Modern
Comparative World Religions - Hilson.

It shouldn't be bad at all.

Percussion Ensembles in full swing.. I'm learning and trying to retain music like its my job. Its not really that hard to memorize it. I'm just having issues with life I guess. I apologize to the other people in my section for my terribleness right now. I'm trying! lol

Hm. Jess' last night was fun. I love the nights at Jess' I've never laughed so hard before.. Well I have, but you know. The whole atmosphere is always so relaxed and no one cares about anything. I love it and I love my friends.

As of right now I have two applications sent in. UNH and Quinnipiac by the end of the week I hope to have Endicott and Rutgers. It will all depend on the projects & finals I have do to for the end of the semester.

Hm. Thats really all I have to say. Hope everythings going well with everyone else =)
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..I've been waiting for someone like you..

So, its been over a month since i've updated.
Nothings happened. but yet. So much has.

I've applied to UNH, I just now need to send in my essay and proof of residency for it.
I got Marimba 1. I have no freaking idea how I pulled it off. But it was amazing and i'm SO happy I got it. I just hope I don't screw it up.

Market Basket will consume my soul over vacation.

My cars dead. The alternator=DONE. Damn it. I need my car!

I've spent most of my weekend nights and such at Jess' house. Those nights are amazing. They're filled with nothing, but yet they are just what I need.

Expository Writings almost done.. I need to finish my research paper over break. 4 pages left. and a visual. It shouldn't be that bad. I'm showing South Park :P

I don't even know what to type about.
I went to NJ for thanksgiving. That was fun. I love my NJ family.
I might be going to NJ/NYC for New Years Eve. I actually need to figure out if I am because I'll tell Tanner tomorrow if I need them off.

He'll hate me. Oh freaking well.

Well tomorrow. I work 8:30-5.
Visit me.
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..How come everytime you come around my london london bridge wanna go down..

So as much as I miss marching band.
I love having free time now.
I love that I can go out Friday nights without having to worry about a football game, and I love that Saturday mornings I can sleep in.

This weekend was amazing. in so many ways.
Some quality time with friends.
-piggyback races.
-Liam killing his knee.
-ALMOST getting kicked out of BNG.
-Umbilical Cord?
-London Bridge.. :P
-Going to Mexico?
-Terrible bands.
-Jump on it.
-Visiting people =)
-Hide and Go Seek.
-Nice tights..? :\
-Clipper band ♥ Clipper football.
-Downtown plymouth.

We (Mckenzie, Britt, Nicole, Jess & I) ventured to Plymouth to see the state championship football game. Liam, Sam and Coffey met us there. The one the band was SUPPOSED to be playing at. I now know why we weren't allowed. We would have showed their band up terribly.
So instead we just made signs that said Clipper band ♥ Clipper football, and died a little inside each time the plymouth band played. Too bad they only played before the game and at half time. They didn't play ONCE during the entire game.
Oh well I had fun cheering, and rooting for our team.
We didn't win, but who cares? I think back to my freshman year, and it doesn't even seem realistic that we made it to the finals.

Afterwards we went to downtown Plymouth for a bit, and then journeyed home. We congregated back at Jess' house where the night filled itself with Twister, Catchphrase, and staring at Channel 22 hoping it would show the Portsmouth band show.

Hours later, it showed us play. And boy, it felt good to watch us play. =)

Work today was.. Market Basket. I don't even know how to describe work anymore. It just happens. Not good, not bad.. just I don't even know. I was on register 9 for almost the entire day. That sucked.

Field trip tomorrow. whoo.

WHOOOOOOO! tennis is on!
Goodnight everyone.
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So I did good all quarter with Expository.

Tonights the night that all ends.

Finals for EVERYTHING came down this week.

I can't deal with school anymore.
Screw it. I'm done right now.

I still have to type a freaking cover letter addressing eight BORING topics.. but I have to type it creatively & then I have to write another essay that relates to a journal.

I just want to sleep!
I'll do a real update soon.. when finals are done.. and i've calmed down.

all we need is a little bit of momentum, to break down these walls that we've built around ourselves.
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I had the greatest weekend.
Minus band.

I love my friends.
I love the beach.
I love clear skies with full moons.
I love drawing giraffes.
I love no zones.. (not really):P
I love "I know you."
I love South Parks WOW episode.
I love life.
-Minus Expository Writing work.
-and sucky band rehearsals where we get bitched out for almost nothing.
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