through the keyhole i watched you dress...kiss him too...loose lips sink ships..


harry potter comes
out tonight. the
suspense is killing

so im really highly
considering changing
my LJ username. actually..
i am going to change my
LJ username. in like...
soon. i'll update here
once i do.

so cool.

i believe im seeing Charlie
and the Chocolate Factory
at 2.45 today.

i'll update with my new LJname
soon enough.

rawr lovers♥
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and ive never painted daisies...on a big red rubber ball...


ok so, ive
missed one
day of writing
to this damn
drugg. and i
feel like i've
missed so much.
*le sigh.*

so yesterday sara
came over. we played
with kara and ryan
and christian at the
park. ryan and i broke
up. doesnt surprise me
much. i dont really give
a crap though, its cool.
then we went to rio. i
felt so superior to like..
everyone there. i felt so..
cool. so above everyone
elses cool level. then i
spent the night at sara's
with kara. we put on dark red
lip stick and had a kissing
party. we kissed all over each
other's faces. XD// sara
has pictures. i want them.
then i fell asleep. the end.

so today we woke up at like 11.
and ate non-stop until about 3
when kara's mom came and picked
us up to take us to her house.
SEXY LOVE. i want to marry it.
ah, delilah i love you. we took
her dog for a walk and then decided
to walk to the park and play cards.
we say glenn and his mom on the way
there. they were driving home. glenn
is absolute sex. i want to bang him
in public hes so hawt. hes so drop
dead beautiful it makes me jealous.
so then we played cards, ect. ect. and
then walked home back to my house
to pee and then to kara's for dinner.
before dinner we went swimming, and
"poured farts on each other". it was
the best fun. we laughed so hard i
though i would drowned. then the pizza man
came. magically. he brought us a magical
pizza of half pepperoni and half cheese,
which was delicious. then sara's mom came.
then i went home. the end!!


rawr lovers♥//
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im a thousand miles away but girl tonight you look so pretty yes you do...



im so happy
to be home.
i got home
friday, but there
has been a lack
of update because
of the terrible
jet lag. ive been
sleeping. sorta.

so about the trip.

it was FANTASTIC. to
say the least. i have
a bajillion pictures.
which i will most likely
post sometime later. when
ive uploaded them all and
resized them and put them
into photobucket. gah such
a nightmare. so throughout the
trip, i made 36 friends. and
there was 37 people in my group..
including me. so yay. i went to
so many amazing
stonehenge and others...and then
i went to a lot of boring places fort george. the leaders
from florida sucked giant salty balls.
the california ones made me want to
do a dance. i got in trouble alot while
i was there. mostly for doing my laundry
with boys. ect. ect. i really got fed
up with lots of the 2 weeks
in i basically rebelled against everything
the florida leaders told me. the florida
leaders and the california leaders made a
bet too....which i was involved in. and so
was harrison and mollie. [harrison is a boy
from california...and mollie is a girl from
florida]. the bet was "which girl is going to
get harrison first" california rooting for-me.
florida rooting for-mollie. guess who won?
california. but i didnt feel so special. no one
get your hopes up. im dating ryan again. =) ♥♥

so apperently alot has happened while ive
been away. sara is dating james. kara
is/was dating joel. michael salisday likes
emalie. harry potter comes out in 4 days.
claffy turned 14. jimmy turned 13. ect. ect.

so my arm hurts from typing...more
crap and pictures later.

rawr lovers♥
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a quick update from the UK.


so here i am in the
UK. really pretty
here. this is just a
short update, so dont
expect much. i will
make the long one when
i'm home. but, quick over-
view. i've picked up the
accent quite good, you
should here me. i think
harrison scheer is quite
fit. i'd bang him at any
oppurtunity. i move onto
scotland tomarrow. taken
loads of pictures. ect.
ect. ect. must go now,
homestay family needs
the computer.

UK rawr lovers♥
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meet me in the bathroom, thats what she said


happy fathers day

i love you fathers.

so this morning
sara, jimmy, and i
all went to the beach..
to surf. but it was flat
so we just swam and got
attacked by little fishes.
it was fun. kinda. the
fishes were scary.

so then i went back to
sleep when i got home.
and woke up at 11:30.

then we had to go to the
stupid country club cause
its my brother's birthday
AND fathers day. i hate that
place with a passion. its
full of old people. and old
people are gross.

after that i went and got
most of my summer reading,
and some reading glasses cause
im a blindo like that. i have
to get some prescription ones
when i get home. these are just
temporary. they look very rivers
cuomo. emo dork.

tomarrow i leave for europe. for
3 whole weeks. i'll probably have
an update before i leave, because i
have to leave my house at about
2:30. so yeah. count on an update.
im excited about leaving..but im also
sad. im leaving all my friends for
3 whole weeks. i just want
to tell all you guys...i love you so
so so much. and i promise i'll try to
write and call and such. i love you

so thats it...

rawr lovers♥
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see lines the walls with every paper she can see...


so today was eventful.
sorta. my dad woke me
up at like 11:40. and
told me to get ready
cause we had to go out
to aventura. so we did.

he returned a watch in
exchange for a new one..
and i got a scarf for
europe. im so proud to
own it. its beautiful.
its from urban outfitters.
and i love it. yes i do.

then i came home. and
did nothing but sit here
and eat lentil soup.

but i did take a nap!
yes michael luzinski..
be proud. i napped.

so thats it..

rawr lovers♥
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hey there delilah whats it like in new york city...


yesterday was
not so eventful.

i woke up at like
12. loafed and ate
and such. finished
packing. then i
went to the movie
to girl
and kitty 7D.
it was no good. i dont
suggest it.

Collapse )

thats all...

ps:"ttfn" is changing to "rawr"..
i like it better.

rawr lovers.♥
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