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The things that we love tell us what we are.

jessica lynn

16 August 1986
I'm Jessica. I live in San Diego, I'm an interior design student. I also have my own personal shopping & styling business. I love being outdoors, I adore fashion, photography, art, reading, and movies. I love being with friends, or being on my own and savoring a quiet moment. I am outgoing, social, and I smile a lot. Don't be fooled by my loud, brazen, outspoken, opinionated, know-it-all, attention whore (and did I mention loud?) exterior - I'm nice, and sometimes I'm even quiet. I talk constantly because I have a lot to say, unless I'm deep in thought, in which case I completely zone out. I laugh and giggle often; I can find humor in almost every situation - even ones that I probably shouldn't. Deep down I'm a big nerd, and I have a very good memory for useless pop culture facts and movie quotes. I love Harry Potter. I have a soft spot for Twilight. I'm addicted to Grey's Anatomy, LOST, Glee, House, 24, Desperate Housewives, and just about everything on Bravo & HGTV. It's my not-so-secret ambition to end up with my own design show :) Other than that, let it be known that I'm a hopeless romantic, kind of reckless, responsible when I really have to be, and much more fun to know when you're on my good side than not.

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24, american idol, art, ballet, baseball, beach, beauty, boy wonder oncologist, buffy the vampire slayer, caffiene, california, cats, chamber of secrets, chanel, chase/cameron, chicago, choreography, classic rock, country, crabby people with canes, dance, dane cook, daniel radcliffe, dave matthews band, debate, desperate housewives, discussion, disney, dominic monaghan, dr. allison cameron, dr. eric foreman, dr. gregory house, dr. james wilson, dr. lisa cuddy, dr. robert chase, elvis presley, emma watson, express, fashion, flip flops, football, fosse, glamor, goblet of fire, god, graphics, green, green day, green ties, gwen stefani, half blood prince, harry potter, harry potter fanfiction, harry/hermione, his dark materials, hollister, house m.d., house md, ipod, jack johnson, jacks mannequin, james taylor, jason mraz, jesse spencer, john mayer, johnny depp, kelly clarkson, laguna beach, lord of the rings, lost, love, makeup, marilyn monroe, maroon 5, martha's vineyard, mean girls, medicine, moulin rouge, movies, music, napoleon dynamite, new york city, order of the phoenix, orlando bloom, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, politics, polo, popped collars, prep, prisoner of azkaban, ralph lauren, rent, robert sean leonard, romance, san diego, sarcasm, science, shopping, singing, snark, snarky sarcasm, soccer, something corporate, sorcerer's stone, south park, sports, starbucks, stars, stupid screwed-up friendships, style, sunglasses, surfing, survival of the fittest, taking pictures, the 80s, the 90s, the daily show, volleyball, volunteering, will & grace, working out, writing