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One Way of Life. Musings in Corrugated Irony

Freaks, geeks and the utterly unique!!

Lady Gladrags
slightly eccentric; this species of virgoan gardener can be found in it's natural habitat up to it's knees in manure on chilly days, striving to produce the perfect potato. A happy soul, she has been known to run into a busy road to rescue an errant toad spotted from
the bedroom window wearing nothing but a wonderbra and pants.
Habitat is a stone folly that she shares with two cats, seven guinea pigs and a garden full of pheasants, and general transport is by tractor, micra or besom.
Generally to be found at Levellers gigs or wandering about the countryside, she can still be found occasionally ponce-ing about in velvet when the mood takes her, although these days most often chilling out, listening to music or playing the piano.