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Sunday, July 31st, 2005

[10:52 pm]
[ Hmmm]
I think I'm actually going to start using this again, right now I have nothing to blog about however. I will soon... hopefully.



Friday, February 4th, 2005

[3:21 pm]
Oh man, I haven't posted in here for well ages. I HAVE been around though, just only in my icon community (fragileicons). I haven't had much to say here since I have a personal domain now, but my life? Well it's going good now, still upset at certain things. Like the fact my dad doesn't really care, but then again I'm soon to be 19 and as my aunt says, I will remember these things when I'm living out on my own. How he forgets about my birthday or Christmas, that he probably won't even get a card. Which is true. I would love even just a call, even if he can't afford something. Instead I don't get that, I wanted until well into Janruary and I ended up calling him, all I get are excuses.

Anyway, life is great though... I got an iPod! Love it, it's by far the best mp3 player around... I really do need to start posting in here more. For now all I can say is if you want some icons check out fragileicons

Oh one other small note, how could Trump fire Danny?? I'm so so upset, now I have no favorite. I'm starting to like Stephanie, and a few others. I noticed that my favorites are starting to pop up on the book smarts team now... think I'm going to have to switch favorite teams here pretty soon.

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Wednesday, September 15th, 2004

[7:20 pm]
Well I haven't posted here lately, I post mainly in fragileicons now. My icon journal, as you can tell by the side I've been busy with that, amoung other things. Such as a new site, my friend paid for the domain for me and for the first month of space (I'm paying that from now on). It is a Clay Aiken site, since that was the most important site that I lost. Right now it's photo gallery time, so I've been capping and uploading all day. Though I think I might take a break to work on more icons, don't know yet.

Otherwise I haven't really done much, watched a few new shows such as Medicial Investigation and LAX. Both good shows, not really sure which is my favorite though. Medicial Investigation reminds me a bit of CSI, and LAX well just well done. Otherwise it's been some of the same old shows for me Charmed, Days of Our Lives and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The only other thing I watch now is Jeopardy. I stopped watching that for the longest time since I just got bored with it, then after I heard about Ken winning and winning I just had to watch. Now I'm hooked and watch it all the time, not to mention I am rooting for Ken. Not only is he the same religion as me he just seems like a smart, down to earth, nice guy.

Okay, I'm really pissed off about one thing though despite everything. September 14th has come and gone, which was Primary for Washington State. Did I get to vote? No! I never got my voters registration card, and I sent off to register months ago. I kind of figured I wouldn't get it in time, when I still didn't get it when I got home. I have no clue what is going on with it, but it's just really annoying. Oh well, the big election isn't until November thankfully. I still think Kerry should be the one going into office, I've had enough with Bush. I had enough with Bush before his first year was even up. Anyway, that is it for now got things to do, including many more photos to upload.

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Tuesday, August 31st, 2004

[2:14 pm]
[ Home again]
Well I'm back home and frustrated at many things. First off my personal site is gone again. I swear my host spends more time down then up, I really really need a new host. The problem is I can't show my site to get it hosted since it's always down. I don't know, maybe I'll get lucky and someone will read this that can host it... since it's getting to be really annoying. After going through the work of installing b2 for it, working on pages and all of that it's never up anyway. Oh well.

Then the other thing I'm frustrated over is the Clay Aiken concert. Okay, so most wouldn't get why that would make me upset in anyway. Let me tell you the details. On Thursday, August 26th, I was suppose to be going with the daughter of my dad's friend Valerie. Well she was suppose to get at the apartment at 7pm since the concert was at 8pm. At 7pm Valerie called to say they would be a bit later than 7 but that is it. Well 7:50 pm came along and my dad and I left, though the Minnesota State Fair isn't far from where he lives. Though when you throw in an accident it seems to take 10 times longer to get there. Then adding in the time to find parking and walk to the grandstand. So basically I only saw about the last 15 minutes of the concert. Oh and Valerie was mad at my dad for not waiting, hmmm lets see... they showed up at 8:05 PM which is what they had said. If I had waited, I would of saw nothing at all. I know there are lots that didn't even get to go to a concert, but I got lucky that my dad lives in Minnesota. Then to end up missing most of it.

Then to top things off I still haven't got my voters registration card. I should of got it by now and now there is some voting coming up on September 14th. I'm just praying that I get it in time, I want to be able to vote this year. And yes, I am going to vote for Kerry. I'm not going to say much more about anything election related. Oh and does anyone have sprint for a cell? I just got that and well I'm already mad at them. Yes, I know another thing to be mad at. But their site if you request them to text you the password it says it's under construction, activating the phone online is under construction, if you call to activate it takes too long. To the point I just hang up, they don't have enough people working their to answer the phones. I'm not going to sit there for an hour waiting for someone to finally answer. The signal and stuff like that is at least good and I have 'Invisible' by Clay as my ring tone. But otherwise, blah. Well that is it, but it is great to be back home! Later. I might just buy a domain for my personal site, depends if I find a host. Of course I can't afford a domain and space, hmmm.

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Monday, August 9th, 2004

[4:26 pm]
[ Hello Minnesota, Bye Washington]
Okay, so I'm not in Minnesota yet despite what the topic of this entry says but it's coming soon enough. I'm debating how excited I am, though I'm going to see Clay in concert there and hopefully finally see the third HP movie if it's still playing anywhere. Just it's been stressful leading up to the final day and still kind of is. Okay so I am looking forward to it, I'm also getting a laptop and will get to see my dad. Though he'll probably be working most of the time, which I understand he needs to work.

The main and best part other than my dad is Clay. Ah yes, I'm going with two other people one for sure is a girl named also Megan and well don't know about the other one yet. At least I'm going with people my age, I usually go to the Clay concerts with my mom (she's a fan too though, so thats okay).

I don't have much to say, well I miss HBO! We have a free preview weekend, it's fun watching Bill Maher. I agree with alot of his standings on political issues so I love watching him. Though HBO is seriously messed up. I watched Ellen ya know, the comedian with her own talk show. She had a concert for comedy of course they had it as rated 'R'. Well there was nothing worth making it rated R. That was the worst job when it came to rating something... ever. But now I want my HBO back, I know mom won't buy it though. But oooh I'll get it for two weeks, there at my dads he has it. Okay so this one case... God bless cable! I still prefer my satellite though (hey, we have TiVo!)

Speaking of TV tonight is the end of my favorite show, well I don't know if they are doing another right away or not. For Love or Money, I love it, love it, love it! Actually it's my second favorite show, Monk is first. I do hope they do another show right away with it... especially if it's Mike that doesn't get picked. I want him to come back for the next one. Anyway, I'm done talking for now.

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