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most men lead lives of quiet desperation

henry david thoreau

5 June 1989
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sam. gemini. 19 years old. USF. graphic design major. the older entries may contain large picspams and fangirling. the new entries...not so much...just a lot of college stuff. FRIENDS ONLY
asian kung-fu generation, bright, genki rockets, nao'ymt, perfume, UVERworld, yui, 安室奈美恵, ケツメイシ, danson tang yu zhe, rainie yang, wang leehom, s.h.e., dbsk, epik high, f.t island, jang ri in, new found glory, paramore, one tree hill, gossip girl, supernatural, house m.d., weeds, pushing daisies, csi, shark, without a trace, ER, west side story, harry potter, v For vendetta, love actually, ratatouille, juno...
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I have claimed Lee Hong Ki and his hair, and the beautiful emo song Jibchak at ftisland_claims.

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