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the raw dog

those times are the times when you have got to be able to go home without it

self-gratifying drivel
"sir", 19th century feminist eugenics, 19th-century american labor history, adam smith, adopted siblings, american literature, american studies, antebellum african-american literature, barbara kruger, bdsm, biceps, big families, boys, bryn mawr, butches, butler, charles brockden brown, charlotte perkins gilman, communities of all kinds, craigslist, dancing, david cronenberg, david lynch, dive bars, donuts, dreiser, dubois, early american literature, edith wharton, egon schiele, emerson, english, english phd programs, erotica, factories, fags, feminism, femmes, foucault, fourier, frank norris, french, french literature, freud, friedensreich hundertwasser, gender, gender confusion, gender variants, genderqueer, girls, graduate school, hegel, henry james, hip hop, history of race, history of sexuality, hockey, hume, incest in literature, industrial lines, insides, interiority, inverts, julia ward howe, kara walker, kink, kristeva, lacan, lavater, literary study, locke, lynn ma, melville, microbrews, muscles, nanaimo bars, naturalism, nietzsche, non-exclusivity, nonmonogamy, object relations theory, open relationships, passing, pecs, perverts, phd hegemony, philadelphia, philosophy, poe, porn, power plants, pretty girls, psychoanalysis, psychology, public health, queers, realism, rousseau, rugby, running, seafood, sex, sexuality, skydiving, smut, subjectivity theories, sushi, syphilis, the benjamins, the body, todd solondz, toronto, trans rights, transference, transnational adoption, transpeople, triceps, university of toronto, west philly, whiskey, william james, zola