Women are dirty (_iseemonsters) wrote,
Women are dirty


I got fucking pickpocketed by two young guys on the tube this afternoon on my way home from work!! Tube was packed and I felt someone fiddling with my zipper, turned around and one of em moved their hand away fast then the doors opened and they jumped off. I thought they were just about to try and steal my wallet so I glared at them and got off the train, quickly checked to see if my wallet was there, it wasn't, so I ran through the crowd to try and find them but they were gone. Then I became a blubbering mess in the middle of the station. It had everything in there! My credit cards, national rail card, ID, my signed Jason Culina card!!!!! My Stevie Corica trading card!!!!!! Some money too but i don't reallly care bout that I just want my bloody cards.


I did get to ride in a police car though... so it's not all bad!

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