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Hello hello!

Long time no see or speak or type, whatever you wanna call it. How is everyone going?????????? If anyone has exciting news please tell me here cause I am seriously behind the livejournal times.

I am in London noww but going back to Manchester for 10 days very soon, can't wait for that. Manchester is the most awesome city I miss it muchly. Ooo I got a job here in London, at Empire Cinemas in Leicester Square, people in London come visit meee. Oh and if anyone here wants to meet up lemme know! I'm staying in Clapham Junction.

Anyways, HARRY POTTER! I lined up at midnight to get my book and started reading from there. I don't think I have ever cried so much while reading in my life, and I don't cry often. SNAPE. Oh that really made me upset, especially when you find out it was his patronus AND THEN when you find out Harry gave his son Severus as a middle name. So sad. But the worst was Lupin dying. I CAN'T BELIEVE HE DIED. I cried everytime I read his name after he died. AND FRED. WAHH. Sirius, Lupin and Fred were my 3 favourite characters. DAMN YOU JK ROWLING.

All death aside I thought the book was grrrreat and I loved the ending, I know some people thought it was shite, but those people are lame!

Anyhoo I just wanted to come on here and talk about the book cause I only have one other person here I can discuss it with at the moment and I was excited! So that's about it methinks.

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There's Harry Potter spoilers under the cut people!
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