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I thought it was about time that I updated people on my personal life on here seeing as I rarely, if ever do this. So here goes...

I am leaving for England in 3 weeks from Monday. It still hasn't really hit me yet, though today was probably the closest I got to actually realising that I'll be out of Australia for 9 and a half months, cause my friend and I went to say goodbye to my other friend Carla at the airport as she's going to America. She then meets up with us in September to go on our backpacking trip around Europe.

So yes I am slowly, very very slowly realising I will be completely independent for almost a year. Which is a scary thought, because I am a horrible cook. Might have to make some comprimises with my friends saying they can cook and I will clean or something (then i'll just buy paper plates).

ALSO because I am leaving in 3 weeks time I decided I should give my boss 3 weeks notice so he wouldn't be too angry and he could find someone to replace me before I left. But this fucked up oh yes. I no longer have a job for the remaining weeks! I told him I got a job offer in Manchester and he told me I might as well go then and there.. I am paid till the end of this month but there's still a period of 2 weeks where I won't be earning any money, and I should've gotten atleast $900 at that job. So yeah kinda sucks, but to be honest I am a little relieved cause I hated that job it was so tedious. And I can sleep in now!!!!!!

Oh and another thing - the other day I realised I'm gonna be in Manchester for the UCL final!! If this is to be a Manchester vs Liverpool final then.. wow. I will either have to go completely undercover and not even utter a word if Liverpool are up over Man U. Either that or make the train journey to Liverpool for the night, which would be pretty fun so I am seriously considering this.

Let me see what else has been happening in my ever so exciting life.... at the moment football has really been the only high point of my week. And we are farking lucky to be in the ACL I tell ya, one proper game a fortnight and usually a training game in between that, so one game a week. Pretty fucking good for the off-season! I am going to miss all the dramas of Sydney FC when I'm away *sigh* Sarah I am counting on you to keep me fully updated!

Ok I got nothing more to say so I'm gonna show you all my travel itinerary because I know you all need to know where I am at all times!!
14/5/07 - Leave Sydney at 4:20pm
14/5/07 - Arrive in Bangkok at 10pm (their time)... I will have 2 hours to kill at the airport here, supposedly you can get really cheap beer so I may just go and get drunk
15/5/07 - Arrive in London at 7:15am
17/5/07 - Catch a train up to Manchester to stay with my uncle and work for a month
18/6/07 - Either meet Alex in London, or she will just meet me in Manchester
21/6/07 - Either fly to Paris to meet Tess, or Tess will meet us in Manchester
1/7/07 - Train down to London to stay with my cousin and work for a month
August - Make our way up from London to Glasgow, stay in towns a long the way
3/9/07 - Back down to London to meet two more friends - Megan and Carla
9/9/07 - Barcelona, Spain
13/9/07 - Paris, France
16/9/07 - Interlaken, Switzerland
18/9/07 - Munich, Germany (for OKTOBERFEST! And we are staying in a massive tent in the middle of a park hahaha)
24/9/07 - Frankfurt, Germany
25/9/07 - Berlin, Germany
30/9/07 - Copenhagen, Denmark
3/10/07 - Warsaw, Poland
6/10/07 - Krakow, Poland
10/10/07 - Prague, Czech Republic
15/10/07 - Budapest, Hungary
20/10/07 - Vienna, Austria
22/10/07 - Venice, Italy
24/10/07 - Rome, Italy
30/10/07 - Athens, Greece (I'LL BE HERE FOR MY BIRTHDAY YAYAYAY)
5/11/07 - Brussels, Belgium
6/11/07 - Amsterdam, Holland (Great place to end the trip hey? We set it out perfectly mwuahahaha)

Then from the 12 of November till Christmas we will be prancing around the UK and possibly working a bit in London. Hopefully we shall spend Christmas in Manchester at my uncles, then up to Edinburgh for NYE.

Then it goes:
5/1/08 - Plane from London to Bangkok
6/1/08 - Another plane to Hanoi in Vietnam
Rest of January - make our way down though Vietnam then into Cambodia, then plane back to Bangkok.
5/2/08 - Arrive home in Sydney at 9:15pm!

CAN'T FUCKING WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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