Hiiiiiiiiiii. So i'm finally back in Sydney, hooray! Got back a month earlier than planned 'cause my parents have decided to move to ENEMY TERRITORY (Smelbourne - no that's not a typo) and i wanted to see them before they move. I'm so glad to be back though. Know why? SYDNEY IN THE SEMI'S! WHOOWHOOWHOO!

Anyhoo i have some photos from the first half and the last bit of my backpacking adventures... the middle half is saved on my friends hard drive and will be retrieved sometime soon. I decided to only put a few photos up from each country cause there's way way too many.

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To make a long story short, last year was probably the best year of my life.

In other news..
- My family are moving to Melbourne in 5 days and leaving me the house in Sydney so i'm having 3 friends move in with me.
- I accepted my uni offer and i start in...a month and a bit. Fuck.

It's good to be back!

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I am in Bologna and have been waiting for 3 hours.... still have to wait another 5 FUCKING HOURS until my train to Munich comes.

Keeeeeel meeeeeee.

Amsterdam next, then ENGLAND, YAYAYAYAY.

I got tickets to the Socceroos game in London Town!

Hello. How is everybody?


I got fucking pickpocketed by two young guys on the tube this afternoon on my way home from work!! Tube was packed and I felt someone fiddling with my zipper, turned around and one of em moved their hand away fast then the doors opened and they jumped off. I thought they were just about to try and steal my wallet so I glared at them and got off the train, quickly checked to see if my wallet was there, it wasn't, so I ran through the crowd to try and find them but they were gone. Then I became a blubbering mess in the middle of the station. It had everything in there! My credit cards, national rail card, ID, my signed Jason Culina card!!!!! My Stevie Corica trading card!!!!!! Some money too but i don't reallly care bout that I just want my bloody cards.


I did get to ride in a police car though... so it's not all bad!


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I had a sudden urge to update....

First of all - hahahahahahahahahahahaha 16th.

And - Man City's jerseys are so sexy. Sydney need to adopt the same style.

aaaaaaaaaand - I saw Harry Kewell the other night!! It was our last night in Manchester and we were walking to the pub when he walked straight past us. I had to look back about 3 times to make sure.. and by then it was too late for me to run up to him and ask for a photo, he had already disappeared into Pizza Express. He was wearing one of those ugly old man hats.

3 weeks till Barcelona!


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ATTENTION people in England:

- The new series of Doctor Who being shown on BBC one atm, have I started watching it right in the middle? Is this the first time this series has been shown on tv? But ohmygod it's great.

- Your stupid series of Big Brother has sucked me in. DAMN YOU!

- Is there ANYWHERE I can find a lamington!??! (Preferably in Manchester but I am willing to travel)

That is all.

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I am in Manchester! You all should be jealous. Anyway I'm not here for a proper entry or anything, just here to tell you all to subscribe to my Travel Blog:

Fare thee well!
hellz yeah

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For the next 9 months I will rarely be on here, I'm thinking bout starting a travel blog soon, so I'll post the link up here if I do.

BYE GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!