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I'M BACK!!! [January 23, 2008 @ 5:57pm]
 Hiiiiiiiiiii. So i'm finally back in Sydney, hooray! Got back a month earlier than planned 'cause my parents have decided to move to ENEMY TERRITORY (Smelbourne - no that's not a typo) and i wanted to see them before they move. I'm so glad to be back though. Know why? SYDNEY IN THE SEMI'S! WHOOWHOOWHOO!

Anyhoo i have some photos from the first half and the last bit of my backpacking adventures... the middle half is saved on my friends hard drive and will be retrieved sometime soon. I decided to only put a few photos up from each country cause there's way way too many.

To make a long story short, last year was probably the best year of my life.

In other news..
- My family are moving to Melbourne in 5 days and leaving me the house in Sydney so i'm having 3 friends move in with me.
- I accepted my uni offer and i start in...a month and a bit. Fuck.

It's good to be back!
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[November 06, 2007 @ 5:48pm]

I am in Bologna and have been waiting for 3 hours.... still have to wait another 5 FUCKING HOURS until my train to Munich comes.

Keeeeeel meeeeeee.

Amsterdam next, then ENGLAND, YAYAYAYAY.

I got tickets to the Socceroos game in London Town!

Hello. How is everybody?
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GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR [September 01, 2007 @ 12:10am]

I got fucking pickpocketed by two young guys on the tube this afternoon on my way home from work!! Tube was packed and I felt someone fiddling with my zipper, turned around and one of em moved their hand away fast then the doors opened and they jumped off. I thought they were just about to try and steal my wallet so I glared at them and got off the train, quickly checked to see if my wallet was there, it wasn't, so I ran through the crowd to try and find them but they were gone. Then I became a blubbering mess in the middle of the station. It had everything in there! My credit cards, national rail card, ID, my signed Jason Culina card!!!!! My Stevie Corica trading card!!!!!! Some money too but i don't reallly care bout that I just want my bloody cards.


I did get to ride in a police car though... so it's not all bad!

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[August 20, 2007 @ 12:36am]
I had a sudden urge to update....

First of all - hahahahahahahahahahahaha 16th.

And - Man City's jerseys are so sexy. Sydney need to adopt the same style.

aaaaaaaaaand - I saw Harry Kewell the other night!! It was our last night in Manchester and we were walking to the pub when he walked straight past us. I had to look back about 3 times to make sure.. and by then it was too late for me to run up to him and ask for a photo, he had already disappeared into Pizza Express. He was wearing one of those ugly old man hats.

3 weeks till Barcelona!

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[July 24, 2007 @ 12:38am]
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[July 23, 2007 @ 1:17am]

There's Harry Potter spoilers under the cut people!
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[June 05, 2007 @ 12:19pm]
ATTENTION people in England:

- The new series of Doctor Who being shown on BBC one atm, have I started watching it right in the middle? Is this the first time this series has been shown on tv? But ohmygod it's great.

- Your stupid series of Big Brother has sucked me in. DAMN YOU!

- Is there ANYWHERE I can find a lamington!??! (Preferably in Manchester but I am willing to travel)

That is all.
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[May 31, 2007 @ 8:24pm]

Mark Viduka to Newcastle? What?? No!
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[May 20, 2007 @ 10:42pm]

I am in Manchester! You all should be jealous. Anyway I'm not here for a proper entry or anything, just here to tell you all to subscribe to my Travel Blog:


Fare thee well!
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[May 14, 2007 @ 1:29pm]
For the next 9 months I will rarely be on here, I'm thinking bout starting a travel blog soon, so I'll post the link up here if I do.

BYE GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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[May 02, 2007 @ 12:25pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Fuck me, what a game this morning. My heart was in my mouth from half time onwards. Thank god I have nothing to do today, so I've only just woken up after going back to sleep once the game finished now. Here are some of my thoughts:

- FUCK YOU Drogba you cunt (sorry can't find anything better to describe him). You could've atleast let your team go out with some dignity, but no you stripped that from them with your theatrics. I didn't think I would ever hate someone as much as I hate C. Ronaldo but I tell ya Drogba is coming close.
- Stick that in your fucking pipe and smoke it Jose. Gosh I love beating you.
- A big fuck you to the Australian football analysts in the studio who all thought Chelsea would win (except for you Branko, I still love you)
- Wow...just wow at the atmosphere in Anfield. Bloody amazing. And now I can't get Fields of Anfield Road out of my head!

Now, I just hope the Mancs win tomorrow for an awesome, awesome final.

And I have decided to travel to Liverpool from Manchester for the night of the final. Don't think I could stand being in a pub with Manc twats. What a day May 23rd will be. At some ungodly hour in the morning Sydney FC play Urawa Reds in Japan which I'll just have to find some way to watch, then at night I shall be in Liverpool watching the UCL final.

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wheeeeeee [April 29, 2007 @ 4:45pm]
I attempted to do this the other night but it all fucked up so I gave up. But now I am bored so I figured I might as well make the post. Ahem.


Fuuuuck yeah.

We now stand at 7 points in our group - 1 point behind Urawa who are coming first.

What an awesome day that was. Sarah and I met everyone at a pub near the stadium at around 5pm (most people had started their drinking at 11am haha). At the pub many drinks were had and many songs were sung before we made our way to the stadium. First half of the game was pretty shite, but second was good. And who scored 2 of the 3 goals I ask you? STEVIE FUCKING CORICA! He is now tied as the top scorer of the Asian Champions League so far with 4 goals. Every game he just reaffirms why he is Sydney's biggest asset, it will be a sad, sad day when he retires.

OK I need help.

My parents are making me do a 'packing list' so I can make sure I've got everything I need. This is what I have so far:


– T-shirts
– 2 pairs of shoes
– Thermals
– Warm socks
– Jeans
– Tights
– As many pairs of stockings as I can find
– Beanie
– Scarves
– Warm, rainproof jacket

- First aid kit
– Panadol
– Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush + paste, deodorant, lip balm, moisturiser)
– Sleeping bag including liner
– Backpack
– Digital camera
– iPod


p.s 2 weeks 'till I leave!!!
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[April 21, 2007 @ 6:32pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I thought it was about time that I updated people on my personal life on here seeing as I rarely, if ever do this. So here goes...

I am leaving for England in 3 weeks from Monday. It still hasn't really hit me yet, though today was probably the closest I got to actually realising that I'll be out of Australia for 9 and a half months, cause my friend and I went to say goodbye to my other friend Carla at the airport as she's going to America. She then meets up with us in September to go on our backpacking trip around Europe.

So yes I am slowly, very very slowly realising I will be completely independent for almost a year. Which is a scary thought, because I am a horrible cook. Might have to make some comprimises with my friends saying they can cook and I will clean or something (then i'll just buy paper plates).

ALSO because I am leaving in 3 weeks time I decided I should give my boss 3 weeks notice so he wouldn't be too angry and he could find someone to replace me before I left. But this fucked up oh yes. I no longer have a job for the remaining weeks! I told him I got a job offer in Manchester and he told me I might as well go then and there.. I am paid till the end of this month but there's still a period of 2 weeks where I won't be earning any money, and I should've gotten atleast $900 at that job. So yeah kinda sucks, but to be honest I am a little relieved cause I hated that job it was so tedious. And I can sleep in now!!!!!!

Oh and another thing - the other day I realised I'm gonna be in Manchester for the UCL final!! If this is to be a Manchester vs Liverpool final then.. wow. I will either have to go completely undercover and not even utter a word if Liverpool are up over Man U. Either that or make the train journey to Liverpool for the night, which would be pretty fun so I am seriously considering this.

Let me see what else has been happening in my ever so exciting life.... at the moment football has really been the only high point of my week. And we are farking lucky to be in the ACL I tell ya, one proper game a fortnight and usually a training game in between that, so one game a week. Pretty fucking good for the off-season! I am going to miss all the dramas of Sydney FC when I'm away *sigh* Sarah I am counting on you to keep me fully updated!

Ok I got nothing more to say so I'm gonna show you all my travel itinerary because I know you all need to know where I am at all times!!

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Mini picspam-type-thing [April 03, 2007 @ 9:24pm]
As a follow up to my Melbourne Victory "hardcore" fans picture yesterday, I thought I might post some different pictures from leagues all over the world. Enjoy!!

Chelsea fans. :D

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Melbourne Victory [April 02, 2007 @ 10:32pm]


Tards, the greatest supporters in the world. HAHA.

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[April 02, 2007 @ 10:00pm]

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[March 26, 2007 @ 8:13pm]

Conversation with my mum tonight:

Mum: I'm scared that we haven't taught you enough for going overseas on your own...
Me: Psh I can take care of myself mother.
Mum: But what if there's some things you don't know!
Me: I'm not an idiot.
Mum: What if someone wants you to have unprotected sex with them?


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[March 22, 2007 @ 9:34pm]


What a fucking game.
Urawa Reds are one of the best teams in Asia eh? We should've fucken beaten them 2 - 0. Going into this game I was praying for a draw, just to get one point from this. But now I am entirely disappointed with a draw. Now I've always been taught that it is NEVER the goalkeepers fault. But I can't help but blame Bolton just a little for the second Urawa goal... just a little. It was an incredibly stupid mistake but oh well. He's saved our asses many a time before this so it's all good.

ANYWAY! I'm bored so I'm going to give a recollection of the night IN POINT FORM! Cause I'm lazy.

- Met Sarah at Central at around 6:10 then we proceeded to walk up a hill of DEATH (seriously)
- Went to the pub and I convinced Sarah to get a beer. :D Had 2 myself then started the walk to the stadium.
- On the way there we ran into people selling scarves for The Cove so we helped em and brought em into the stadium to sell which is ILLEGAL! MWUAHAHAHA! REBEL!!!
- Once inside we sold our scarves pretty much straight away then went to our seats and started the chanting!
- Game begins.... 56 seconds in and Carney smashes one in. FUCKING BRILLIANT.
- I'm not gonna go through everything that happened but here is one thing I should mention: Hyphen can fark off.
- Oh and at half time we went over to the Urawa end to sell scarves, and they seriously have the best fans, I love em. A group of them had a photo taken with us and they all wanted to shake hands. They were so cute.
- Game ends, 2 all.
- We hung around for a bit but then got very confused cause some people were telling me to sell scarves and some people telling me to get on the bus to Star City... so we wandered aimlessly for a bit then just got on the bus to Star City.
- Usual stuff went on at Star City... free drinks.. players come out and chat la di da. Players left and we stayed for awhile. It was one of the best afterparty things I've been to, very fun!
- At about 12:30 Sarah and I caught a cab home hooray!



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[March 19, 2007 @ 8:15pm]
Seeing as I haven't updated in a while, here are some interesting little tidbits from my life:

- Quit my job at the movies on Sunday. God it felt good, I hated that place so very very much. ALMOST AS MUCH AS I HATE BOC CHOI!!!!!!!!JO0WUKSFNCSHNVFASNFVAH YUUUUUUUUCK

- Got fired by Max Brenner today! HAHA! My stupid, ugly, tight-jean-wearing-with-fat-hanging-over-the-top boss called me up today and said she had to terminate my employment 'cause I was stuffing up her roster by only being available on weekends. I say good riddance to her! Bitch.

- Bought my return plane ticket on Sunday!!! I'M SO EXCITED! I leave on the 14th of May and arrive in London on the 15th at 7am. YAYAYAY. Then I get to frollick about in Europe until the 4th January 2008 where I will get on a plane to Bangkok, get on another plane to Vietnam and work my way down from Hanoi to Cambodia. Thennnn on the 5th of February I will return to Sydney. I cannot fucking wait.

- I have a new job as a receptionist now (which is why I'm not bothered at all by the firing/quitting of other jobs) and it's good money so I am a happy camper.

- What makes me even more happy is that I get to see Sydney FC play URAWA REDS this Wednesday night!!!!!!! BNASJBFASBFKABFADFNAJKLF 47 AND HALF HOURS TO GO! FARK I AM SO NERVOUS! It's gonna be incredibly awesome.

- State election this Saturday. I was listening to JJJ today and they were saying that people under 30 are more likely to vote liberal than labor because they simply don't care about politics, and they think if everything is fine and dandy for them then why not just vote for whoever is in power now. What a load of shite. Some of my friends aren't even registered yet and they're 18 years old! Makes me so angry.

- Um, I think that is all.
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[March 13, 2007 @ 11:15am]
I am at my new job mwuahahahahaah!!!

There's nothing to do and the boss is out so I'm sitting at his desk and answering any phone calls which I ALWAYS put through to sales.

So far there has been one phone call.

And I'm getting paid for this. :D
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