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One of the Many Nesting Places of the Ever Elusive Lisa Beast...

She's such a pretty, little train wreck, don't you think?

Lisa Ni-Fucking-Cole
23 March 1985
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80's cartoons, 80's toys, abnormal psychology, abstract, acid, alice in wonderland, allen ginsberg, alternative, ambition, ancient history, ani difranco, anthropology, aqua teen hunger force, arachnids, art, avenue q, beat poetry, beetlejuice, bif naked, biology, black and white photography, bob marley, body modification, bohemia, bohemian, bondage, broadway, burt reynolds, cannonball run, cdbaby.com, chai, cherry kool-aid, cheshire cat, chuck palahniuk, chuck taylors, cigarettes, cities, classic literature, classical music, color, comic books, coyote shivers, dance dance revolution, david bowie, diphenhydramine, diy, douglas coupland, dreadlocks, drugs, eciad, ecstasy, edie sedgewick, empire records, fight club, flogging molly, folk tales, freddy kreuger, glitter, green tea, gregory maguire, guitar, h.i.m, halloween, handcuffs, happy hardcore, hemp, human evolution, iggy pop, independant music, indie, irvine welsh, jack kevorkian, jem and the holograms, jhonen vasquez, jim henson, joey ramone, jonathan larson, joshua kobak, jules et jim, julius caesar, kurt cobain, language, lawrence ferlinghetti, lewis carroll, mark cohen, mark/roger, matt caplan, matt groening, meditation, metric, music, musicals, my little pony, mythology, neuroscience, new york, nintendo ds, oil painting, orange ink, paganism, photography, pinhead, plugs, pot, punk, queer as folk, records, reggae, rent, rilo kiley, road trips, scarification, scarves, sex pistols, shakespeare, sinfest, slc punk, sleep, smashing pumpkins, smokey and the bandit, susan sontag, tall lanky guys, tarantulas, the beatles, the big snit, the clash, the dead kennedys, the nightmare before christmas, the ramones, thrift, tick tick... boom!, tim burton, tom waits, tori amos, trainspotting, transformers, vancouver, vegan, view askew, ville valo, vintage, visual kei, william carlos williams, william s. burroughs., wintersleep, zombies