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Skyforest - Fading Glow (2016)

Аккаунт с первоначально встроенным видео забанили, поэтому просто даю прямую ссылку на песню

Thin, cold air
And wind is howling there
I still wander alone
Within this quiet night

Fire burns cold
I have nothing to hold
The wind carried away
My words that left unsaid

Группа Burzum Skyforest состоит фактически из одного человека, который придумывает музыку, тексты, аранжировки, делает сведение и т.д. Также принимают участие сессионные вокалисты.
Альбом Unity вышел 20.04.2016, автор относит его к жанру post black metal, хотя, имхо, от металла там мало что есть, тем не менее альбом достоин внимания.

Thirty seconds after death
And the sky already takes my soul
Flying high, above the clouds
There is no god, just the universe

Take my soul away
To places I've never been
This is my escape
From this cold reality

When I close my eyes
The soul starts to rise
Taken by the cosmic flow
I'm gone with wind's last blow.

When leaves start to fall in silence
Autumn gifts me her gentle embrace
And when everything quietly withers away
I know it's dying just to rise again

Standing like a sodden tree
Under an ashen sky, desolate
Autumn's cold wind
Freezing my inner pain to death

I will die
But then I will rise again
Under the lucid sky
With all the pain awashed

With my feelings frozen
I slowly drift away into the void
And the autumn serenely goes away
Conceding the lead to the ice queen

Everything died, the last leaf fell
Autumn's embrace - the last thing I've felt
With my veins frozen I'm awaiting the dawn
When I will arise with all pain gone

Day after day goes by
Under the queen's spell
But the Earth turns slowly
And it's time to wake

The sun wakes the frozen world
From a blissful sleep
Queen's spell is gone
And there I stand
Watching flowers bloom.

Tags: 2016, lyrics, music
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