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Irreligious aka Ocularis Infernum

Elderwind - Холод в душе

Забавно, что раньше мы переводили тексты с английского на русский, а сейчас пошла обратная тенденция, иностранцы, не знающие русский, просят перевести тексты песен на английский. А мне интересно иногда это делать, ради спортивного интереса.

(a Google Translator with my edits)

The cold and the darkness in a deep silence,
As the sheet, the soul is shiver from the chill.
In my heart, howl blizzards,
Here reigns only winter.
The bonfire that was blazing, is not lit,
Wedge flakes of snow is fly above me.
Inside me just winds and hazes,
Forever faded eyes gaze.

Hundreds of sharp needles of ice
Poured the cold into the soul, leaving no trace
From the joy of life and bright smiles.
I gasp in the darkness.
Cold night is not calm my pain,
Snowstorm cover cold corpse in the morning.
Only the cry of the dying by echo hardens.
No one will remember me.

Tags: 2016, lyrics, music, translation

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